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Their Kingdom Come

Their Kingdom Come

Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei

Robert Hutchison

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

An illuminating exposé of Opus Dei, the secretive sect operating at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church

To the outside world, Opus Dei claims that its only goal is "to remind all people that they are called to holiness, especially through work and ordinary life." But with an elite membership of 90,000 and influences reaching around the globe, Opus Dei has far greater potential power than its leaders are willing to reveal.

Investigative journalist Robert Hutchison charts the seemingly unstoppable growth of this shadow government behind the Vatican. Hutchison demonstrates how Opus Dei has forged an unholy alliance with the Mafia, secular powerbrokers, and highly placed prelates, with the result that Christian values are being threatened by the malign influences of power politics and big money.

In this updated edition, Hutchison sheds light on the future of Opus Dei, its ties to the new pope, and the details of its preparations for what the organization regards as Christendom's inevitable showdown with radical Islam.


Praise for Their Kingdom Come

“A responsible piece of investigative reporting ... packed with meticulous detail.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] highly detailed account...a fluid read [that] blows away the mist.” —National Catholic Reporter

“Robert Hutchinson provides a thorough, highly entertaining guide to this sinister, self-important organisation and checks out claims of brainwashing, persecution of ex-members and financial dirty tricks.” —Focus Magazine

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About the author

Robert Hutchison

Robert Hutchison was born in Canada and studied at McGill University in Montreal. He was a correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph, and his articles for the Toronto Financial Post won him four National Business Writing Awards. he is the author of several investigative nonfiction books covering a range of subjects. For the past thirty years he has lived in Switzerland.

Robert Hutchison

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