The Last Aerie

Nestor and Nathan Kiklu are the twin sons of Harry Keogh, the Necroscope. United by blood, they also share some of their father's awesome powers--but what they do with those gifts cannot be more different!

Nathan takes up the struggle against the metamorphic vampires, while Nestor, fascinated by the vampires' eerie evil, has become his twin's worst nightmare: a Wamphyri Lord!

Harry Keogh's sons have become the bitterest of enemies, each determined to destroy the other. When next they meet, one will surely die!

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The Last Aerie
PART ONE:E-BRANCH1Harry's PassingTo the members of E-Branch, bad dreams were an occupational hazard; it was generally accepted that nightmares went with the work. Ben Trask, current head of the Branch, had always had his share of bad dreams. Indeed, since the Yulian Bodescu affair twelve years ago, he'd had more than his share. And only half of them when he was asleep. The sleeping ones were of the harmless variety: they frightened but couldn't kill you. They were engendered of the waking sort, which were very different: sometimes they could kill and worse. Because they were


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"Vivid!" --Publishers Weekly

"Vampires like you've never seen before!" --Science Fiction Chronicle

"I'm impressed with Lumley's talent. He's obviously one of the best writers in the field. [Blood Brothers and The Last Aerie are] comparable to the Anne Rice 'Vampire' books. Lumley is that good." --John Farris, author of Sacrifice

"Brian Lumley offers wide-angle horror of a scope too rarely seen in modern fiction. His Wamphyri are vicious, savage, ruthless, and unrepentantly evil--a feast for the horror fan." --F. Paul Wilson, author of The Select

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  • Brian Lumley

  • Brian Lumley is the author of the bestselling Necroscope series of vampire novels. The first Necroscope, Harry Keogh, also appears in a collection of Lumley's short fiction, Harry Keogh and Other Weird Heroes, along Titus Crow and Henri Laurent de Marigny, from Titus Crow, Volumes One, Two, and Three, and David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer, from the Dreamlands series.

    An acknowledged master of Lovecraft-style horror, Brian Lumley has won the British Fantasy Award and been named a Grand Master of Horror. His works have been published in more than a dozen countries and have inspired comic books, role-playing games, and sculpture, and been adapted for television.

    When not writing, Lumley can often be found spear-fishing in the Greek islands, gambling in Las Vegas, or attending a convention somewhere in the US. Lumley and his wife live in England.
  • Brian Lumley Barbara Ann Lumley
    Brian Lumley


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The Last Aerie

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Brian Lumley

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