The Lost Witness

Lena Gamble Novels (Volume 2)

Robert Ellis

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With his novel City of Fire, Robert Ellis debuted a dynamic new character in Los Angeles detective Lena Gamble, but also captured a vivid picture of the city of Los Angeles. Readers and critics made City of Fire an instant phenomenon, as the book became a Los Angeles Times bestseller and was named a top summer read by People magazine, USA Today, and The New York Times.

Now Lena Gamble is a cop held in disgrace by department higher-ups for the explosive way the Romeo case played out, though she’s still hailed as a hero by her colleagues for catching the killer. For her punishment, she hasn’t handled a real murder investigation in eight months. When the chief finally tosses her a case, she’s thrilled until she gets a look at the scene and realizes he’s probably setting her up to be exiled once and for all: The victim is unidentified, and there are no witnesses, and no leads. Just the body, chopped into pieces and dropped in a Dumpster—gruesome enough to ensure that once again the media will be following Lena’s every move.

Robert Ellis delivers another high-speed, commercial, powerful read, featuring one of the most engaging and vibrant police characters on the shelf today.


Praise for The Lost Witness

Praise for City of Fire

“Robert Ellis’s City of Fire is a gripping, spooky crime novel.”
---The New York Times

“A no-holds-barred, barnburner of a thriller that blends Los Angeles--style crime fiction a la Michael Connelly with pulse-pounding Dean Koontzian psychological suspense.”
---Chicago Tribune

“The book is terrific.”
---Janet Evanovich, People magazine

City of Fire is my kind of crime novel. Gritty, tight, and assured. Riding with Detective Lena Gamble through the hills of Los Angeles is something I could get used to. She’s tough, smart, and most of all, she’s real.”
---Michael Connelly

“Propulsive plot . . .  A scorcher of an ending . . .  City of Fire looks to win [Ellis] an ever-wider audience.”
---Baltimore Sun

City of Fire’s brisk, complex plot is enhanced by realistic characters, a credible view of L.A., and an attention to detail that should put Ellis on many must-read lists. Ellis excels at vivid writing and the expert plotting keeps the reader off-kilter.”
---South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“This book is fast, gruesome, and twisted, like a scarcy Jodie Foster movie. Ellis makes it easy to be terrified.”
---Library Journal

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  • Robert Ellis

  • Robert Ellis is a former filmmaker and political media consultant from Los Angeles. He is the author of three bestselling crime novels, Access to Power, The Dead Room, and the critically acclaimed City of Fire, which also garnered praise from authors as diverse as Michael Connelly and Janet Evanovich.

  • Robert Ellis





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