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The Me I Knew I Could Be

The Me I Knew I Could Be

One Woman's Journey from 292 Pounds, to Peace, Happiness, and Healthy Living

Crystal Phillips

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Six years ago, Crystal Phillips was miserable, unhappily married, and suicidal. At 292 pounds, it seemed as though her life was over and that there was no way to climb out of the hopelessness. Through food, she was slowly killing herself. But the death of Crystal's beloved brother made her realize several powerful things: life is too precious to waste, and our purpose here is to live as fully and as we can. Through this realization, Crystal found within herself the strength to make a change.

In The Me I Knew I Could Be, you will discover:
*The power of journaling
*How to be prepared for emotional setbacks
*How to eat well and take care of yourself without deprivation
*Delicious recipes for favorite comfort foods and how to make them light and healthy
*Two weeks of sample menus
*Empowering stories of other women who lost weight in Crystal's Through Thick and Thin Workshop.
*How to form your own fitness woprkshop

The Me I Knew I Could Be is both the inspiring personal story of Crystal's weight loss and a practical, helpful, usable guide for anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy, and embrace life.


It's December 31, 1994. My brother is dead, my Aunt Delores is dead, and my parents have lost their house in a hurricane. I, Crystal, have had major surgery and have left my husband. All I...

About the author

Crystal Phillips

Crystal Phillips, a pharmaceutical representative, weight loss counselor, and certified personal trainer, lives in Maryland. She has been on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and her story has been featured in Essence, Ebony, Fitness, and Living Fit magazines. The Me I Knew I Could Be is her first book.

Crystal Phillips

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