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The Midnight Gate

The Midnight Gate

Spellbinder (Volume 2)

Helen Stringer

Feiwel & Friends




It's been two months since Belladonna Johnson discovered she was the Spellbinder, and she's full of questions about her powers. When a ghost finds Belladonna and her classmate, Steve, and gives them a mysterious map, the friends don't know if they should be looking for or hiding from the one person who holds the answers to Belladonna's powers: the Queen of the Abyss. Throw into the mix that Belladonna's parents, who are ghosts, have disappeared and that her brand-new and maybe even sinister foster family seems to know more than they'll let on, and you have a sequel made of high adventure and intrigue, seasoned with affecting characters and topped with a dollop of wit.



The Visitor

No answer.
"Mr. Evans!"
Belladonna sneaked a look over her shoulder to the back of the classroom where Steve and his friends usually clustered. He was far away, gazing out of the...


Praise for The Midnight Gate

“Part ghost story and part coming-of-age, this suspense filled story will delight many children while others may be frightened.” —Sue Poduska, Children's Literature

“This exciting and adventurous fantasy begins two months after the events in Spellbinder (Feiwel & Friends, 2009)....This inventive story, full of fresh and funny fantasy elements and with a twist, is, at its heart, about a girl who just wants to fit in and be accepted. Fans will be happy to know that Belladonna's adventures continue in the next book in the series.” —School Library Journal

“Continuing where Spellbinder (2009) left off, Belladonna, and her Paladin, Steve Evans, are stuck in regular school now after all their adventures. There's still the ghost Elsie for entertainment, but life seems somewhat dull after saving the world….There's a lively struggle to save the world on the eve of the Day of the Crows, though, when spaces between the Nine Worlds are closest together and it takes Words of Power to succeed.” —Kirkus

“Wry wit and derring-do add up to a great read.” —Kirkus, on Spellbinder

“Stringer debuts with an adventurous, darkly humorous ghost story. …Stringer's ability to build a strong sense of mystery, entwined with Western mythology, will pull readers through to the end. Those who like unusual ghost stories without the usual horror will enjoy this book.” —Publishers Weekly, on Spellbinder

“Stringer maintains the humor and logic of preteens who are awkwardly coming into their magical destinies, which makes for an amusing first novel.” —School Library Journal, on Spellbinder

“Readers will fear for and cheer for Belladonna Johnson, the hero of this brilliant has-it-all novel, as she tries to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the world's ghosts. One of the year's best.” —Cookie magazine, on Spellbinder

“Stringer's charming ghost story defies classification. …A fast-paced plot and intricate world pull the reader along, but it's Bella's love for her parents and her need to keep them with her that linger.” —Booklist, on Spellbinder

“This charming debut novel blends classic British fantasy with figures usually reserved for horror stories to create a compelling fantasy adventure romp which will appeal to middle grades readers. …this book is sure to hook readers and leave them waiting for what must certainly be a sequel, if not a whole series.” —VOYA, on Spellbinder

“Stringer's narrative voice is engagingly witty… This debut novel establishes Stringer as a fresh and promising voice in middle-grade fantasy.” —Claudia Mills, Ph.D., Children's Literature, on Spellbinder

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About the author

Helen Stringer

Helen Stringer grew up in Liverpool, England, and currently lives in Northern California. She is also the author of Spellbinder.

Helen Stringer

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