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The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green

The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green

Saving the Earth Begins at Home

Terra Wellington

St. Martin's Griffin



With the multitude of green choices available, how can moms determine what will be best for their families—and the environment? Terra Wellington has the answers.

This user-friendly and invaluable resource is packed with hundreds of easy green how-tos including:

• Shopping: Get the most bang for your buck by purchasing organic foods that would otherwise have high pesticide residue, like apples, grapes, green peppers, peaches, and pears.

• Kitchen: Save money and water by scraping—not rinsing— dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Today's models are so efficient that rinsing is not necessary.

• Home office: Screensavers don't save energy. Instead have the computer switch to sleep mode when idle.


Praise for The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green

“A very useable guide, with practical ideas and smart information. Perfect if you're getting overwhelmed by all the green-speak out there.” —Gabrielle Blair, Founder

The Mom's Guide is compelling without using scare tactics or manipulation. Every page is full of great information.” —Jessica Gottlieb, Eco Child's Play

“A dedicated eco-mom delivers practical guidelines for greening your world. Wellington will teach you how to raise a green family and provide tools to become an environmentally conscious citizen. Written with the busy mom in mind, advice ranges from simple suggestions for reducing waste to full-blown eco-overhauls for the home, such as getting your house LEED-certified.” —Ann Wycoff, VIV Magazine

“Author Terra Wellington helps moms navigate the clutter of green choices and determine what's best for their families and the environment. Moms can explore ways to live consciously, shop wisely and embrace the green life.” —Justin Williams, The News Journal and Gannett News Service

“It's not meant for hardcore environmentalists, but for people like us who just want to do our part to protect the planet and its limited resources.” —Top-Ten Examiner for Family and Parenting Channel Jackie Kass,

“This is an easy to apply guide filled with hundreds of green tips. There's something for everyone to start doing their part in saving the earth!” —Kimberly Coleman for and contributor at New York Metro Parenting Guide

“This practical guide is jam-packed with hundreds of "green" suggestions that can help us save our environment. For example, Wellington suggests that we contact the manager of our neighborhood grocery store to make certain that it carries locally grown produce, we buy coffee that is USDA organic and fair trade certified, and we keep our family diets free of food tainted with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering.” —Larry Cox, Tucson Citizen

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About the author

Terra Wellington

Terra Wellington has been a popular television guest on such programs as The Montel Williams Show, WGN Chicago, and WCBS This Morning in New York due to her expertise in wellness and lifestyle topics. A Second City-trained actress and improv artist, Terra is the former wellness editor of Fit Body and Real magazines. Terra is a supporter of homeopathy and ocean conservation, and she writes at the blog covering healthy living and the environment.

Terra Wellington

Terra Wellington

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