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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

A Social Code Novel

Start-Up Series (Volume 2)

Sadie Hayes

St. Martin's Griffin




The Next Big Thing is the second page-turning installment in Sadie Hayes' Start-Up series, following twin college students Amelia and Adam as they attempt to make it in the competitive world of Silicon Valley.

Amelia and Adam's new company, Doreye, may have won over Silicon Valley, but the trouble is far from over. After facing down skepticism, a meddler from their past and a saboteur who makes their app malfunction right when it matters most, drama suddenly seems to be brewing within the ranks. While Adam has money signs in his eyes and enough charm to win over the investors, Amelia decides she wants to give away their app for free, leading to discord and a separation of responsibilities—and power.

As if that weren't hard enough on their relationship, Adam and Amelia are both keeping secrets from each other, the kinds of secrets that could change everything if revealed. As they grow farther apart, others grow closer together. Patty finds a new boyfriend—and a fascinating new job—to distract her from Chad; Adam becomes involved with an older woman who seems to be as interested in Doreye as he is; and TJ starts to notice that Amelia is more than just a computer nerd with the tensions running high, Adam makes a decision that topples Amelia's carefully constructed life and sets off a chain of events that could threaten the future of Doreye. Can Amelia find a way to save their company before it's too late?



All Hands on Pitch Deck

Adam Dory felt the impending doom of his own suffocation as the walls closed in on each other and the air left the room. He could feel T.J. and Amelia on either side, oblivious to what was happening...


Praise for The Next Big Thing

Social Code is a non-stop thrill ride through the dark side of Silicon Valley, where brilliant young computer geeks seek fortune, fame, and love.... [It] will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end––and clamoring for more.” —Ella Monroe, author of Capital Girls

“Sadie Hayes has blown me away . . . This is something new in the YA genre.” —Courtney's Book Nook on The Social Code

“Sharp, fun and full of angsty dramatic brilliance.” —In the Closet with a Bibliophile on The Social Code

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About the author

Sadie Hayes

SADIE HAYES is the pseudonym for a highly positioned Silicon Valley executive. She holds several degrees from Stanford University, and has spent years working in the tech industry, both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. If you work in Silicon Valley, you might not know Sadie Hayes. But she knows you.

Sadie Hayes

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