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The Other Felix

The Other Felix

Keir Graff

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Felix has nightmares. Every night when he falls asleep he goes to the land of monsters, and when he wakes up he's back in his bed with mud on his feet and torn pajamas. One night Felix meets a boy who knows how to fight the monsters, a boy who looks just like him and is also named Felix. The Other Felix is a fantastical, psychological story of growing up for kids who have graduated from Where the Wild Things Are but are still fascinated by the world of dreams.


The Other Felix

Felix woke up in the woods, wearing his pajamas. He looked around for his slippers, but his slippers were under his bed, and he wasn't lying in his bed. He was lying on dry, rust-colored pine needles....


Praise for The Other Felix

“This is a satisfying tale in and of itself, as well as a helpful and sensitive guide for those children who are just learning to confront life's sticky challenges. The ending is exquisite.” —School Library Journal

“...this tale of maturation and friendship is suitable for sharing between parents and their children.” —BCCB

“[Graff's] skill at capturing the small, everyday details and dramas that loom large in children's minds, as well as his avoidance of a too-neat ending, ought to linger with readers who share Felix's introspective nature.” —Publishers Weekly

“This thoughtful, whimsical story promises rewards for those patient readers who stick with Felix till the end.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Read the Kirkus Review of THE OTHER FELIX . An allegorical tale about friendship, fear, happiness and hope. - Kirkus Reviews

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Keir Graff

Keir Graff is the editor of Booklist Online and the author of several adult novels. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons.

Keir Graff

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