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The Other Side of Eden

The Other Side of Eden

Hunters, Farmers, and the Shaping of the World

Hugh Brody

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Hugh Brody crystallizes three decades of studying, learning from, crusading for, and thinking about hunter-gatherers in this profound and provocative book. Contrary to stereotype, he says, it is the farmers and their colonizing descendants—ourselves—who are the true nomads, doomed to the geographical and spiritual restlessness embodied in the story of Genesis. By contrast, the hunters have a deep attachment to the place and ways of their ancestors that stems from an enviable sense, distinctively expressed in thought, word, and act, of being part of the fabric of the natural and spiritual worlds.


The Other Side of Eden

Imagine the crystal darkness of an arctic night. A canopy of stars and a glowing arc of aurora, the northern lights. A vast astral flickering and dancing; yet a sense of eternal, unmoving...


Praise for The Other Side of Eden

“The best books change the way you think. This is one of those.” —National Geographic Adventure

“An informed, passionate and enlightening volume . . . that draws on an exceedingly rich experience and adds new dimensions to our understanding . . .” —The New York Times

“Brody's book is more than merely a personal story. It is also a radical and ambitious argument about human history.” —Newsday

“[Brody] presents a culture of exceptional maturity, rich in many of the things we believe we have lost . . .” —The New Yorker

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About the author

Hugh Brody

Hugh Brody is an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker who has worked and traveled extensively among indigenous peoples. He is the author of several previous books.

Hugh Brody

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