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The Overlords

The Overlords

Matt Braun

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In Europe, Men Fought A War To End All Wars.
In Galveston, They Fought To Survive...

In Europe, the guns had gone silent. But in Texas, the spirit of the Wild West still lived-and the town of Galveston belonged lock, stock, and barrel to a handful of criminal overlords. Kingpins of vice, gambling, liquor, and big-time show business, the overlords didn't count on a stubborn, Hollywood stuntman who inherited his uncle's bank and a grudge. Nor could they predict that one Texas Ranger and a beautiful woman were daring enough to take on an undercover assignment-and try to shut down America's paradise of gambling. Now, a dangerous brew of mobsters, flappers, traitors, lovers and lawmen is about to explode in a sin city by the sea. And the only question left is who will still be standing when the last man goes down...


Chapter One
A horseman in a black hat thundered over the hill. Not an instant later a rider in a white hat topped the rocky crest and spurred his barrel-chested stallion. He closed the gap with a burst of speed.
Off to the side,...


Praise for The Overlords

“Matt Braun is one of the best!” —Don Coldsmith, author of The Spanish Bit series

“He tells it straight-and he tells it well.” —Jory Sherman, author of Grass Kingdom

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About the author

Matt Braun

Matt Braun is a fourth-generation Westerner, steeped in the tradition and lore of the frontier era. His books reflect a heritage rich with the truths of that bygone time. Raised among the Cherokee and Osage tribes, Braun learned their traditions and culture, and their philosophy became the foundation of his own beliefs. Like his ancestors, he has spent most of his life wandering the mountains and plains of the West. His heritage and his contribution to Western literature resulted in his appointment by the Governor of Oklahoma as a Territorial Marshal.

Braun is the author of more than four dozen novels and four nonfiction works, including Black Fox, which was made into a CBS miniseries. Western Writers of America awarded Braun the prestigious Spur Award for his novel The Kincaids.

Matt Braun

Matt Braun

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