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The Oxygen Murder

The Oxygen Murder

A Periodic Table Mystery

Periodic Table Mysteries (Volume 8)

Camille Minichino

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New York City welcomes Gloria Lamerino and her husband, homicide detective Matt Gennaro, in The Oxygen Murder, the eighth installment in Camille Minichino's acclaimed Periodic Table Mystery series.

Gloria and her best friends, Rose and Frank Galigani, are on vacation in the Big Apple. They plan to visit Matt's niece Lori Pizzano, a documentary filmmaker, and enjoy the holiday sights together: shopping on Fifth Avenue, dining in Little Italy, and honoring ancestors at Ellis Island, while Matt attends a conference with the NYPD.

Unfortunately, Lori's documentary on ozone and environmental issues has deadly fallout. Gloria stumbles over the body of Lori's scheming camerawoman in a Times Square loft, and, once again, she is thrust into some dangerous sleuthing.
With suspects ranging from a disapproving brother to a smooth-talking PR administrator to a self-protecting private eye, Gloria tracks a killer through an intricate landscape of colorful neighborhoods and famous landmarks.

Taking us on a trip from the city's tallest building to its grand park, from its crowded ice rinks to a lonely corner of its two-million-square-foot museum, The Oxygen Murder is as exciting as a ride over New York City in a helium balloon.


Chapter One

You'd think it would be impossible to find yourself alone in New York City. Especially on a bright Sunday morning in December, only a couple of blocks from the dazzling supersigns of Times Square.

A short distance...


Praise for The Oxygen Murder

"A breezy summer read." - Publishers Weekly

"As her author masters the light touch, Gloria becomes ever more appealing." - Kirkus Reviews

"Plenty of humor enliven an engrossing story framed by interesting information on the science of ozone." - Booklist;

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About the author

Camille Minichino

Camille Minichino has been a regional president and board member of the Mystery Writers of America, the California Writers Club, and Sisters in Crime. Like Gloria Lamerino, the author has a Ph.D. in physics and a long career in research and student instruction. She currently teaches physics at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She also instructs on writing fiction and works as a scientific editor in the engineering department of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Ms. Minichino lives with her husband and satellite dishes in Castro Valley, California.

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