The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan

The No-Fail Prescription for Energy, Vitality & Weight Loss

Jana Klauer, M.D.

St. Martin's Griffin

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Is your energy sagging?
Do you wake up tired?
Some days, do you feel older than your actual age?
Do you want to lose weight?

The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan is an energy diet that packs all of Dr. Jana Klauer’s proven expertise into one simple program packed with tips and ideas to help you lose weight, gain vitality and feel lean, light and ready for anything!

You will learn:

--How to break the bad habit of constant dieting
--When to drink water, and how much
--How to use high-protein snacks
--When to have your first and last meals of the day
--About high-impact foods like berries, leafy green vegetables, fish and dairy calcium
--Why some energy shakes restore alertness but others sap it
--What to do about caffeine
--Whether you can drink alcohol or snack between meals

Dr. Klauer’s Park Avenue patients swear by her—after just a few days on her Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan, you will too!

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Praise for The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan

Praise for Dr. Jana Klauer's HOW THE RICH GET THIN:
"You might not be able to afford the Hermes, but you can fit into the pencil skirt."
--The New York Post
"A healthy alternative for busy people."
--Maria Bartiromo, managing editor and host, The Wall Street Journal Report
"A practical plan for healthy weight loss."
--Atlanta Woman
"Deprivation level: Nothing a new Balenciaga suit can't cure."
--New York Magazine
"Eat less but eat well."
"A high-calcium, high-protein diet...[that] can work even for those without a Park Avenue budget."
"Whether you're rich or poor, it takes work, no excuses."
--Salt Lake Tribune
 "A simple plan that, within a mere few days, will make anyone look--and feel--like a million bucks."
--Kirkus Reviews
"For years glamorous New Yorkers...have been squeezing into their micro-skirts by trusting Jana Klauer's advice, and this book spreads the word."
--Kristina Stewart Ward, contributor, Vanity Fair
"Accessible and easy to read, Dr. Klauer's book is a must."
--Marianne J. Legato, M.D., author of Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget
"Jana Klauer, M.D. recommends her anytime, anywhere Stop!Watch! method...we swear by it!"
"You can be as thin and fit as the Park Avenue mavens who make up Dr. Klauer's practice."
--The Dallas Morning News
"You will eat this up."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Packed with advice."
--Saint Paul Pioneer Press
"Sticking to Klauer's strict regimen isn't easy, but neither is life on Park Avenue."
--Publishers Weekly

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About the Author

Jana Klauer, M.D.

JANA KLAUER, M.D. is a weight-reduction physician in private practice in New York City, where she lives. 

Dr. Jana Klauer, M.D.


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The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan
The No-Fail Prescription for Energy, Vitality & Weight Loss
Jana Klauer, M.D.

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
May 2009
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780312563431
ISBN10: 0312563434
5 13/16 x 9 inches, 240 pages

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
April 2008
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429973618
ISBN10: 1429973617
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches, 240 pages

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