The Prydain Companion (Reissue)

A Reference Guide to Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles

Michael O. Tunnell

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

An informative resource for formal studies of the Prydain Chronicles, as well as an excellent opportunity to delve into the fantastic workings of Prydain

"The Prydain Companion is more than a quick reference or handy glossary, though it is all of that as well. Instructive, certainly. But, like any good companion, a pleasure to be with over a long period of time." —Lloyd Alexander, from the foreword

This intriguing volume is at once a wonderful reference resource and a vehicle for exploration and discovery in itself. Complete with a biographical sketch of Lloyd Alexander, a personal foreword by Mr. Alexander, a "How to Use the Companion" section from the author, pronunciation keys, excerpts throughout, and—most substantially—an alphabetical guide to the peoples, places, and objects of the Prydain Chronicles, The Prydain Companion is a one-stop reference book for a beloved world of fantasy and magic.

For those who love the works of Lloyd Alexander—young readers, teachers, researchers, all—and those who are only beginning to know them, here is a worthy and useful travelmate.


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A**Achren (AHK-ren): Prince *Gwydion describes Achren as being “as dangerous as *Arawn himself; as evil as she is beautiful” (BT 24/41). Achren once wore the *Iron Crown of Annuvin as *Queen of Prydain but made the mistake of teaching her consort Arawn the secrets of her enchantments. “And he betrayed me,” says Achren. “He robbed me of my throne and cast me aside” (HK 17/28–29). However, in *The Book of Three she still seems to be in league with Arawn, for it is the *Death-Lord’s *Cauldron-Born who capture Gwydion and *Taran and deliver them to h


Praise for The Prydain Companion (Reissue)

Praise for The Prydain Companion:
"Devotees of Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles (both young and adult readers) will find this fascinating book a treasure." —Booklist

Praise for books from the Chronicles of Prydain:
"An exalting experience for the fortunate children whose imaginations are ready for great fantasy." —The Horn Book on The Black Cauldron

"Filled with exciting and valorous action, humor, and truth, the fantasy is completely convincing and has some of the appeal of the Narnia books." —Booklist on The Book of Three

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  • Michael O. Tunnell

  • Michael O. Tunnell is the author of several books for young readers, as well as educational books in the field of children’s literature. A longtime scholar of Lloyd Alexander’s work and a professor of children’s literature at Brigham Young University, Mr. Tunnell lives in Orem, Utah.


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The Prydain Companion (Reissue)

A Reference Guide to Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles

Michael O. Tunnell

  • Hardcover