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The Raven's Gift

The Raven's Gift

A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness

Jon Turk

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Jon Turk has kayaked around Cape Horn, traversed the Northwest Passage and paddled across the Pacific Rim. But, the strangest trip he ever took was the journey he made as a man of science into the realm of the spiritual. In 2000, in the remote Siberian village of Vyvenka, Jon Turk met an elderly woman named Moolynaut, a Koryak shaman, and learned about her voyages to the spirit world. A year later, Moolynaut entreated the spirit of a great, black raven to help mend his pelvis, which had been previously fractured in a mountaineering accident. When the healing was complete, Turk was able to walk without pain. Turk, a scientist, could find no rational explanation for the healing and the experience changed his life, irrevocably altering his view of the connectivity between the natural and spiritual worlds. Searching for the spirit raven, he traversed the frozen tundra where Moolynaut was born, camping with bands of reindeer herders, and recording stories of their lives and spirituality. Framed by high adventure across the vast and forbidding Siberian landscape, The Raven's Gift is a life-altering vision of the ties between the natural and spiritual realms, informed by one man's awakening and guided by the ancient spirit bird with wide black wings and the power to heal.


Raven's Gift

Part 1
To Vyvenka by Kayak
I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.

--Lone Man, Teton Sioux
A Walk with My Dog: Spring...


Praise for The Raven's Gift

“The northern lights have indeed seen strange sights, but none quite compare to Jon Turk's adventures on the frozen tundra of Kamchatka. There he encounters a great-great-grandmother spiritual healer who mends his body of damage sustained in a long-ago skiing accident. The tension between his own logical scientific background and the mysterious shamanistic wisdom of his healer is at the heart of this wonderfully-told story of Koryak life and his own personal transformation.” —Henry Pollack, author of A World Without Ice and Uncertain Science...Uncertain World

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Jon Turk

JON TURK is the author of twenty-five environmental and earth science text books and two previous adventure travel books. He alternates his time between Fernie, British Columbia and Darby, Montana.

Jon Turk

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Jon Turk

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