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The Red Hat Club Rides Again

The Red Hat Club Rides Again

A Novel

Haywood Smith

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Georgia, SuSu, Teeny, Diane, and Linda are back in a warm, sassy Southern novel from the New York Times bestselling author of QUEEN BEE OF MIMOSA BRANCH and RED HAT CLUB.

Georgia, SuSu, Teeny, Linda and Diane have been friends for more than thirty years. But when Pru Bonner, black sheep of the group, falls off the wagon so hard it shakes their world, "the girls" stage a hilarious kidnapping in Vegas to help their childhood friend clean up her act. As the women confront their pasts along with their hazardous adventure, they discover surprising strength in themselves and their friendships. Laughter is spiced with secrets, surprises, and pitfalls aplenty, including a midlife pregnancy test, the perils of internet dating, an all-expense-paid plastic surgery cruise, and a surprise celebration that proves it's never too late for love.

As in THE RED HAT CLUB, these irrepressible heroines face the challenges of friendship in sickness and in health, with heart and indomitable humor. So join The Red Hats and remember that age is all in your head, calories should always be in chewable form (Diet Coke with chocolate éclairs!), and that when all else fails, your Red Hats will see you through.



Here We Go Again

One of the nice things about being a goody two-shoes Buckhead housewife is that nobody would ever guess I'd commit a crime, much less kidnap anybody. I have the ultimate mommy face and...


Praise for The Red Hat Club Rides Again

“A tribute to women who emerged victorious through divorce, menopause, spreading waistlines, and other tribulations.” —Chicago Tribune on THE RED HAT CLUB

The Red Hat Club is a valuable life lesson for women of all ages...a spunky, sexy, intriguing, lickety-split romp.” —Times (Roanoke, VA)

“A gossipy, engaging read, full of witty Southern characters readers will be unable to resist the urge to cheer on.” —Florida Times-Union on THE RED HAT CLUB

“Smith's celebration of comradeship is a loving tribute to those lifelong relationships that may defy logic...a joyous, joyful ode.” —Booklist on THE RED HAT CLUB

“Rowdy Southern feminist fantasy.” —Kirkus Reviews on THE RED HAT CLUB

The Red Hat Club ladies are just Bridget, older, wiser, and with husbands who may or may not be faithful.” —Toronto Sun

“A fine, confiding...voice, which makes for a fast, easy read. Her dialogue is true to life. She has a wicked sense of humor.” — on THE RED HAT CLUB

“ to read.” —Romantic Times on THE RED HAT CLUB

“A humorous, cathartic coming-of-middle-age story of five feisty women who refuse to throw in the towel--or the hat.” —Tennessean on THE RED HAT CLUB

“A hoot...A delightful read that shows that even 'mature' women can be full of surprises to themselves and others.” —Chattanooga Times on THE RED HAT CLUB

“A great story with many fond memories for anyone who had a group of ladies in their high school.” —Book Review Café on THE RED HAT CLUB

“An engaging tale that welcomes readers as if they were sharing wine with the of women's fiction will appreciate Haywood Smith's fine homage to the southern female.” —Harriet's Book Reviews on THE RED HAT CLUB

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About the author

Haywood Smith

Baby boomer HAYWOOD SMITH (born Anne Haywood Pritchett) grew up as one of five children in North Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by Jenny Joseph's free-spirited poem, "Warning," Haywood writes lighthearted coming-of-middle age tributes to the Jilted Generation of women who, like her, have emerged victorious through divorce, teenaged children, menopause, the Internet, tennis elbow, spreading waistlines, nothing but tacky clothes in the stores, and countless other modern tribulations. Her books include Wedding Belles, Red Hat Club and The Red Hat Club Rides Again.

Haywood Smith

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