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There's a Wolf at the Door

There's a Wolf at the Door

Five Classic Tales Retold

by Zoe Alley, illustrations by R.W. Alley

Roaring Brook Press




in an oversized gift-ready package Wolf, a rather fine dresser and intelligent creature, just can't catch a break. All he wants to do is eat some pig, lamb, a gosling or two, a loud sheperd…or that little girl wearing a red hood, but for some reason none of them will cooperate. Five classic tales morph into one ongoing yarn as Wolf bumbles his way through each of them. Told in graphic novel style in an oversized picture book package, this is the gift for kids of all ages for happily-ever-after holidays.

Library Media Editor's Choice, Louisiana YR Choice Book Award Master List, CCBC Choice (Univ. of WI), SD Prairie Pasque Children's Book Award ML, South Dakota Prairie Pasque Children's Book Award Master List, Kentucky Blue Grass Award Master List, Indiana Young Hoosier Award Master List, Capitol Choices Noteworthy Titles for Children and Teens, NCTE Notable Children's Books in the Language Arts, NCTE Notable Child. Bks in Lang. A


Praise for There's a Wolf at the Door

“The stories' narrative paths tend to follow the originals, but now they're layered with humor. The transitions between tales, visual and verbal, extend the fun, while dialogue balloons with pithy commentary (and adaptable font size) enrich the tongue-in-cheek narrative. Detailed watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations have a buoyant appeal; the cocky personalities of both animal and human characters are clearly indicated through expressive postures and expressions. This is a giggly read-aloud as well as a snortingly funny read-alone. Hand it to the transitional or reluctant reader, and listen for the laughs.” —Booklist, starred review

“A hungry wolf just can't catch a break in these five loosely connected folktales. All are familiar, and amiably retold in large, sequential cartoon panels. Looking dapper in top hat and three-piece suit, the wolf first takes on three pigs (all of whom escape), moves on to the bored and foolish lad who cries "Wolf!" then is subjected to a fashion smackdown by Little Red Riding Hood. He unsuccessfully tries his luck again with the sheep under a woolen fleece snatched from Grandma's house, and finally proves no match for seven hyperactive goslings whose mother has gone off on an errand. Readers drawn by the unusually large trim size and Alley's animated, loosely posed figures will linger over the snappy dialogue (" ‘I'll teach you to be rude to my granny, you fake!' screamed Rhonda, now clearly upset. ‘And did no one ever tell you not to wear white after Labor Day?' ") and almost feel sorry for the feckless predator--who is last seen eyeing a sign pointing toward Mr. McGregor's garden and considering turning vegetarian.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Illustrated with softly colored pen-and-ink drawings, these five stories meld seamlessly together. The text is full of puns, alliteration, and occasional rhymes. Contemporary sensibilities, such as Rhonda's fixation on fashion and the counseling style of Barry's sheep, are priceless additions. The oversize format and the graphic-novel style make this retelling perfect for independent reading as well as for group sharing.” —School Library Journal

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About the author

by Zoe Alley, illustrations by R.W. Alley

This is ZOË B. ALLEY's fi rst book. She lives with her husband R.W. ALLEY in Barrington, Rhode Island, with their two children.

R.W. ALLEY is best known for the "Paddington Bear" books he illustrates, which have earned him international recognition. He has produced more than 70 books, and before becoming a book illustrator, he drew pictures for greeting cards.

Zoe Alley

Zoe Alley

R. W. Alley

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