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The Shadow War

The Shadow War

A Novel

Glen Scott Allen

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A brilliant new talent delivers a sweeping thriller that turns the entire history of America upside down.

Colonial historian Benjamin Wainwright is summoned to a secretive think tank in western Massachusetts by an old school friend who researches war-game theory. Upon his arrival, Wainwright discovers that his friend is dead and suspected of having leaked information. When the security analyst hired to investigate the case is targeted for assassination, Benjamin wonders: Was his friend's death an accident—or murder?

A series of codes, forged documents, and secret family histories all point to the existence of a centuries-old conspiracy. Benjamin teams up with a beautiful Russian cultural attaché named Natalya Orlova, whose own family has a dark history with the KGB, to unravel the truth. The two set off on a dangerous mission that stretches from Washington, DC, to the French Riviera, to deep within the Siberian wilderness. Together, they discover the sinister forces that have pulled the strings of power in America—perhaps all the way back to its very founding. What our characters learn will make us question everything we thought we knew about American history, from the Revolution to the Cold War, and what lies in store for the fate of the nation.

With a gripping pace and enigmatic plot that drives the reader from one page to the next, The Shadow War is a highly intelligent thriller that asks: Who really runs the country, who controls our enemies, and to what lengths will they go to conceal their hidden agendas?



The low, rolling, thickly wooded hills of western Massachusetts passed by the windows of Benjamin's car. The leaves were just beginning their transition to browns and golds and...


Praise for The Shadow War

“If you enjoyed THE DA VINCI CODE or THE LOST CONSTITUTION, then you will not be able to put this one down.” —

“[An] intriguing thriller that posits an audacious and original conspiracy theory…. Allen keeps the action and the ideas flowing with commendable speed.” —Publishers Weekly

“Looking for a fresh, fast thriller that sweeps from a mysterious seventeenth century opening to a thrilling twenty-first century finale? Yearning for a thoughtful novel about how we got to where we are at this moment in American history? Want both in one place? Well, your search is over, because Glen Scott Allen has delivered The Shadow War. Buy it, go home, and prepare yourself to stay up all night, because you won't want to stop reading once you start.” —William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Constitution and City of Dreams

The Shadow War is an intelligent, complex mystery, steeped in history and secrets.” —Jill Gregory, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, co-author of the internationally best-selling thriller, The Book of Names

“Concealed within cryptic ciphers, a conspiracy spanning generations entangles two countries a world apart in an ironic partnership. From America's colonial times through the Cold War and beyond, lives were extinguished to protect the secret. History buffs and code crackers alike will find The Shadow War a complex thriller that turns conventional history on its head.” —Karen Tintori, co-author of the internationally best-selling thriller, The Book of Names

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About the author

Glen Scott Allen

GLEN SCOTT ALLEN has been a writer in residence at Reed College and taught at the University of Utah and Towson University. He has published more than a dozen short stories, and more than a hundred essays, reviews, and presentations on science, literature, popular culture, cryptography, and terrorism.

Glen Scott Allen



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