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The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

A Shadow Sisters Novel

James Reese

Roaring Brook Press




It's 1870, and a young woman named Odile is fighting to survive on the blood-soaked streets of Paris. Luckily, Odile has an advantage and a bizarre birthright. She is descended from the Cagots, a much-despised race whose women were reputed to be witches. Were they, in fact? This is the question Odile must answer--about her ancestors and herself--while she uses her talents to help a young Doctor Jekyll who seems to be abusing the salts that she gave him in a most disconcerting way.


The House of Primates

The two men mistook me for dead; but I was very much alive. And regrettably so.
No doubt I appeared dead. Henry would later say that his breath caught after the crash...


Praise for The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

“…this explanation of the mysterious ingredient that animates Jekyll's transformation is well suited to readers who enjoy period drama laced with a bit of tame horror and not-so-tame blackmail.” —BCCB

“Carefully researched and well written, Reese's novel appeals on scientific, historical, mysterious, and romantic levels.” —VOYA

“…[a] thriller that's steeped in historical detail.” —Kirkus

“…successful in spinning the familiar tale into one of war and romance seen from a female perspective.” —Booklist

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In this macabre prequel, adult author Reese (The Dracula Dossier), in his first book for teens, reveals a previously undocumented tale of Robert Louis Stevenson's infamous antihero. It's the 1871 sieg - Publishers Weekly

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About the author

James Reese

James Reese is the New York Times bestselling author of The Dracula Dossier, The Book of Shadows, The Book of Spirits, and Witchery. Born on eastern Long Island, Reese now divides his time between Paris, France, and Tampa, Florida.

James Reese

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