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The Strip

The Strip

A Novel

J.J. Salem

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In this fever-pitched novel, J.J. Salem delivers a Vegas-set guilty pleasure that brings real summer heat. Three women are holding all the cards. Billie (who made her first appearance in Tan Lines) is the town's hottest act. Kristin is Vegas's answer to Candace Bushnell with a shocking blockbuster novel and HBO series. And Jennifer is the go-to therapist for the city's highest profile residents. They seem to have everything...except passion in their complicated marriages.

When Billie, Kristin, and Jennifer first discover sensual fulfillment courtesy of a high-priced stud service, they learn that once is not enough. The erotic escapes become pure addiction. And what begins as sexual adventure ends in deadly obsession as their lives unravel, from the first incident of body brokering to the shocking death that brings each woman to the brink of ruin.



Even Cam Lawford's nipples were exquisite. This was the first thought that came to Kristin Fox when her eyes fluttered open. She let out a soft, satisfied moan. "How long have I been asleep?"
"About twenty minutes,"...


Praise for The Strip

“A really great beach read! I loved it!” —Jackie Collins

“WARNING: J.J. Salem's Tan Lines burns on every page. With a scorching mix of scandal, sex, and murder, this deliciously bitchy beach read really brings the heat.” —Lisa Jackson, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Salem's scorching debut... throbs with intensity, spiked with erotic detail” —Publishers Weekly

“Summer's hot read will be the sexed-up novel Tan Lines... A 21st century Valley of the Dolls.” —The New York Post

“Like Harold Robbins, Salem features the same kind of morally unbridled superstar characters whose sex organs are set on autogrind.” —USA Today

“A sizzling, sassy potboiler.” —The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Even Jacqueline Susann would be shocked! Incendiary and captivating, J.J. Salem has found a literary voice that is one part Valley of the Dolls, one part Sex and the City, and one part pure grit. Tan Lines engages you with complex issues of femininity, sex, and control embodied by three strong female characters who ultimately yearn for freedom.” —Barbara Seaman, Author of Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann

“If fiction was a family, J.J. Salem would be the literary love-child of Sidney Sheldon and Jackie Collins.” —The Daily Record (UK/Scotland)

“Salem's high-octane romp is escapism with a feminist edge.” —The Daily Telegraph

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About the author

J.J. Salem

J.J. SALEM is a USA Today bestselling author whose work has been published in several languages. He lives in the Southeast.

J. J. Salem

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