The Suicidal Planet

How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe

Mayer Hillman with Tina Fawcett and Sudhir Chella Rajan

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An outstanding overview on global warming--and what we can do about it--from a distinguished world-class authority
Climate change is the single biggest problem that humankind has ever had to face, as we continue with lifestyles that are way beyond the planet's limits. Mayer Hillman explains the real issues: what role technology can play, how you and your community can make changes, and what governments must do now to protect our planet for future generations. In The Suicidal Planet, he proposes:
- A ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions by the world's governments
- Global carbon rationing to reduce our individal carbon outputs to a fair and ecologically safe level
- Helpful guidelines for the home, travel, and leisure
- And much, much more.
Featuring the very latest information on global warming completely revised to include U.S. facts and figures, The Suicidal Planet takes us out of the problem and into the solution of our international crisis.

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Chapter One

Beyond the Planet’s Limits

Climate Change: Why, How, and What Next?

Climate change is the most serious environmental threat that the world has ever faced. The dangers can hardly be exaggerated. Climate scientists predict that by the end of this century, temperatures could rise 10°F worldwide. But even if they rise by “just” 5°F, major parts of the earth’s surface could become uninhabitable and many species on the planet could be wiped out. Just within the next fifty years, there will be more heat waves, higher summer temperatures, fewer cold winters, and rising

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Praise for The Suicidal Planet

"A must-read for anyone even slightly concerned about our future on this planet."
- Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"If anyone knows a better way to save the planet from runaway global warming, they better speak up."
- Fred Pearce, author of When the Rivers Run Dry
"Mayer Hillman . . . has come up with solutions that are hard to dismiss."
- Women's Environmental Network (UK)
"Vital, practical . . . helps individuals adopt an energy-thrifty lifestyle."
- The Observer (UK)
"Mayer Hillman advocates radical changes that would ensure a future for our children."
- The Independent (UK)
"A small classic on a big topic. Practical but visionary . . . Mayer Hillman has a way of getting to the heart of things."
- New Scientist (UK)

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About the Author

Mayer Hillman with Tina Fawcett and Sudhir Chella Rajan

Mayer Hillman is senior fellow emeritus at the Policy Studies Institute in London, where he formerly served as Environment and Quality of Life Research Program head. He completed his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh and was one of the first proponents of personal carbon rationing as the way for the world's population to prevent serious damange from climate change. Tina Fawcett is a senior researcher at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, with a specialization in personal energy use and climate change. She recently completed her doctorate at University College London on household energy use, carbon emissions, and personal carbon allowances. Sudhir Chella Rajan is a senior fellow at the Tellus Institute in Boston, where he leads the Global Politics and Institutions Program. He obtained his doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Mayer Hillman
Tina Fawcett
Sudhir Chella Rajan


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The Suicidal Planet
How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe
Mayer Hillman with Tina Fawcett and Sudhir Chella Rajan

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
April 2007
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ISBN: 9781429988124
ISBN10: 1429988126
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 304 pages, Includes 10 black-and-white charts and 2 black-and-white line illustrations throughout

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