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The Ten Things You Can't Say In America

The Ten Things You Can't Say In America

Larry Elder

St. Martin's Griffin



Straight Talk From the Firebrand Libertarian Who Struck a Chord Across America

Larry Elder tells truths this nation's public figures are afraid to address. In The Ten Things You Can't Say in America, he turns conventional "wisdom" on its head and backs up his commonsense philosophy with cold, hard facts many ignore. Elder says what no one else will:

Blacks are more racist than whites.
White condescension is mor damaging than white racism
There is no health-care crisis
The War on Drugs is the new Vietnam...and we're losing
Republicans and Democrats are the same beast in different rhetoric
Gun control advocates have blood on their hands.
America's greatest problem? Illegitimacy.
The welfare state is our national narcotic.
There is no glass ceiling.
The media bias: it's real, it's widespread, it's destructive


Praise for The Ten Things You Can't Say In America

“[Elder] is a fresh voice on the scene and deserves a listen and a read.” —New York Post

“Elder slays dragons and sacred cows with wide, authoritative research and witty, entertaining, informative prose that is sure to enlighten most readers who live in a culture where truth is elusive.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Larry Elder

Larry Elder hosts Los Angeles's #1 prime-time radio talk show, The Larry Elder Show. He writes a montly column for Investors Business Daily and a syndicated column in fifteen national newspapers.

Larry Elder

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