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The Unfaithful Queen

The Unfaithful Queen

A Novel of Henry VIII's Fifth Wife

Carolly Erickson

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From Carolly Erickson, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Wife of Henry VIII, a novel about Catherine Howard, wife of Henry's later years

Amid the turbulent, faction-ridden late reign of the fearsome Henry, eager high-spirited Catherine Howard caught the king's eye—but not before she had been the sensual plaything of at least three other men. Ignorant of her past, seeing only her youthful exuberance and believing that she could make him happy, he married her—only to discover, too late, that her heart belonged to his gentleman usher Tom Culpeper.

As the net of court intrigue tightens around her, and with the Tudor succession yet again in peril because of Prince Edward's severe illness, Queen Catherine struggles to give the angry, bloated and impotent king a son. But when her relations turn against her, she finds herself doomed, just as her cousin Anne Boleyn was, to face the executioner.

The Unfaithful Queen lays bare the dark underbelly of the Tudor court, with its sugared rivalries and bitter struggles for power, where a girl of noble family could find herself sent to labor among the turnspits in the kitchens or—should fortune favor her—be exalted to the throne.



Tower GreenMay 1536

THE new-mown grass smelled sweet as we took our places along the verge on that grey dawn, all of us together, waiting for my cousin Anne to be brought out to die.
Though the spring...


Praise for The Unfaithful Queen

The Favored Queen amply demonstrates, there is no trust among Tudors. A delectable serving of Tudor dish.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Carolly Erickson turns cold fact to hot fiction.” —India Edghill, author of Wisdom's Daughter

“I read The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette in two days, and when I finished it, I re-read the final pages, as hungry for more as a child scraping the last crumbs of chocolate cake off her plate with her fingers.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Rollicking good, admittedly unhistorical, fun—complete with all the dish on the great and powerful, and what they wore, that an Empire-waisted fashionista could desire.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Carolly Erickson

New York Times bestselling author CAROLLY ERICKSON has written twenty-eight critically acclaimed, prize-winning biographies, histories, and a recent series of fictional historical entertainments. Her range is wide, her audience worldwide. She lives in Washington and Hawaii.

Carolly Erickson

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Carolly Erickson

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