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The Untamed One

The Untamed One

The Wild Wulfs of London

Wild Wulfs of London (Volume 2)

Ronda Thompson

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Running from angry villagers and the man who ravaged her, the witch Lucinda flees into the forest to have her child. But Lord Jackson Wulf hunts her down, believing her death will break the family curse that transforms him into a monster. Instead of killing the witch, Jackson is moved by her beauty and desperate plight. And Lucinda seizes the chance to find safety for herself and her babe when a bargain is struck between this outcast woman and this doomed man—and sealed by their marriage in name only…

In return for his protection, Lucinda has promised that her magick can free Jackson from his torment. But this pretty witch soon finds herself in danger of being seduced by Jackson's charms and pursued by the man who would see both her and her child dead. Can she trust a Wulf with her safety and the safety of her child? Can she trust her heart to Jackson? To surrender to a Wulf is a terrible risk, for love will either unleash the beast within the man...or finally set him free.


Chapter One

The woods of Whit Hurch, England, 1821

The musket ball had passed through his shoulder. Blood seeped from the wound, warm and sticky against Jackson Wulf's skin. The peasants of Whit Hurch were superstitious lunatics,...


Praise for The Untamed One

“Gripping, intriguing, and sexy. Engaging characters and edge of the seat action--this book has it all.” —Christine Feehan on The Dark One

The Dark One grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. Sensual and engaging, Thompson redefines the werewolf story even as her characters redefine for themselves the meaning of love.” —Susan Squires on The Dark One

“This story hooked me from page one and never let me go. I can't wait for the next one!” —Amanda Ashley on The Dark One

“This well-written tale, complete with fascinating characters, utterly romantic love story, and divine sensuality captivated me from the very beginning to the heart-stopping ending.” —Paranormal Romance Writer on The Dark One

“Completely, utterly, absolutely engaging. I was swept away by the story of Armond Wulf and Rosalind Rutherford. The Dark One is one of the most wonderful tales I've gotten my hands on in a long time. I'm so thankful Ms. Thompson decided to make this a series. The Wild Wulfs of London will definitely be on my "must buy" list!” —Romance Divas on The Dark One

“Ronda Thompson delivers a fresh and everlasting Regency romance with a touch of magic and evil that will stand the test of time. Oh, and the smokin' hero helps!” —Romance Reader At Heart on The Dark One

“I love paranormals, and this one is one of the best!” —Romance Junkies on The Dark One

“Readers will believe in the existence of the werewolf…sub-genre fans will fully treasure the first Wild Wulfs of London thriller. 5 stars!” —Harriet Klausner on The Dark One

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About the author

Ronda Thompson

People often ask RONDA THOMPSON what inspires her to write about werewolves. So far, the only answer she has come up with is that she loves dogs and she's been known to howl at the moon. People also wonder how a former rodeo queen and graduate student from the school of hard knocks managed to end up becoming a bestselling romance author. Unlike her wild tequila nights spent in honkey-tonks across Texas, Ronda has wanted to be a writer from the time she could pick up a pencil and write her name.

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Ronda lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and two children, where the stars shine brightly down upon her country abode and she can howl at the moon without the neighbors calling the police. She is currently at work on her next novel in the Wild Wulfs of London series.

Ronda Thompson


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