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The Vegetarian Handbook

The Vegetarian Handbook

Eating Right for Total Health

Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D.

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Many patients that I see in my medical nutrition practice request specific detailed information in order to move toward a vegetarian lifestyle. Here is a book that will guide them along such a path. It will also assist current vegetarians to reach a new level of understanding by offering specific instruction for improving food habits. The instruction includes the most up-to-date and scientific data regarding food protein. By using the egg as a model of the near perfect protein source and comparing vegetarian foods with the egg, we now have available tools for increasing the benefits of protein from non-meat sources.

"Patients with certain medical problems should consider removing red meat and other animal proteins from their diet and moving toward vegetarian food sources. Some of these medical problems include the following: hypoglycemia, obesity, digestive disorders including diverticultitis and other colon problems, gout, and elevated cholestrol. Many specfic studies have shown that the vegetarian diet may help with these problems. This book presents a clear and sophisticated road map for becoming a vegetarian or moving in this direction." --Dr Martin Feldman


Praise for The Vegetarian Handbook

"Passionately argued, this well-documented, readable volume makes a thorough, albeit somewhat familiar, case for vegetarianism as a way of eating and a way of life." —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D.

Gary Null, who holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and Public Health Science, has published over fifty on health and nutrition, and has his own nationally syndicatied radio show on WBAI. He is the founder and director of the Health and Nutrition Certificate Program at the Pratt Institute, and he lectures throughout the country on health and nutrition topics. He has received numerous awards for his work.

Dr. Martin Feldman, the medical authority for The Vegetarian Handbook, graduated from Yale College and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He was resident in neurology at Mt. Sinai Hospital and an assistant clinical professor of neurology at Mt. Sinai Medical School. He has a medical nutrition practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Gary Null Ph.D.

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