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The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior

Business Tactics and Techniques from History's Twelve Greatest Generals

James Dunnigan and Daniel Masterson

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Business and war: both are forms of conflict, and both have more in common than people think. Business, like war, is the art of outdoing the competition. Businesses, like armies, need to practice strategic thinking and understand the nature of competitive conflict. CEOs devise business plans to win in the marketplace; generals use strategic thinking to win wars.

In The Way of the Warrior James Dunnigan and Daniel Masterson reveal the management lessons of history's finest twelve military leaders, including: Alexander the Great, on having vision; Genghis Khan, on quick decisions; Julius Caesar, on communication; Napoleon, on managing change; Ulysses S. Grant, on the art of the turnaround; Douglas MacArthur, on coping with disaster; and Norman Schwarzkopf, on building alliances. The management hubris of these men is directly applicable in today's business world.

Comprehensive, insightful, and extremely accessible, The Way of the Warrior won't show you how to call in air strikes on the competition, but it will show you how to be a manager who never loses his cool under fire.


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About the author

James Dunnigan and Daniel Masterson

James Dunningan is an adviser and lecturer to the State Department, Army War College, National Defense University, CIA, and many other institutions. Author of the classic military manual, How to Make War, Dunnigan served as NBC's Gulf War analyst and is the author of fifteen books. He lives in New York City.

Daniel Masterson leads a major software company and has done significant work in making computer war games. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

James F. Dunnigan

Daniel Masterson

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