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The Wedding Writer

The Wedding Writer

A Novel

Susan Schneider

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Four talented women, one glossy wedding magazine: life should be as perfect as a bridal catwalk… right?

Lucky Quinn writes up weddings for one of the hottest bridal magazines. And it wasn't easy to get there. From humble beginnings, she outsmarted her way into the center of New York's glamorous magazine industry – making up for her background with a sharp mind, whip-thin physique, and ceaseless ambition.

Then, in one day, her life is utterly transformed; two of the magazine's major competitors fold, and Lucky is named Editor-in-Chief, replacing the formidable, but aging Grace Ralston, who had been at the magazine's helm from day one. Grace taught Lucky everything she knows, but now it seems that she taught her too well…

As the ripples of Lucky's promotion spread, the intricate lives of four women begin to unfold. Felice, Your Wedding's elegant and unshakeable Art Director is now being shaken for the first time by troubles at home. Sara, the Fashion Director, is famed for her eagle eye for fashion trends and exquisite hair. But, for all her know-how, "the Angel of Bridal" has never come close to starring in a wedding herself – she's picked the dress, but where's the groom? Grace, recovering in the wake of her sudden, humiliating fall from power, must learn to accept herself – and love – after a life dedicated to fulfilling other women's dreams. And, through it all, Lucky begins to discover just how lonely the top really is.



The Big Day, November 27, 10:45 A.M.

The news hits Your Wedding fifteen minutes before Lucky is scheduled to go up to the thirty-third floor for her big meeting. She hears a buzz outside her office in the labyrinth...


Praise for The Wedding Writer

“Schneider, a bridal-magazine editor and writer, gives readers a good view of what life is like in the world of tulle, taffeta and the quest for a fairy-tale wedding.” —Kirkus

“In this Devil Wears Prada-like send-up of the bridal magazine industry, a former executive editor of Modern Bride and Elegant Bride takes readers behind the scenes of the fictional Your Wedding... The workplace drama is enhanced with fantastic fashion, tawdry affairs, secrets, and revelations. Schneider certainly writes from experience, and readers will be interested in what's behind all those frothy covers on the newsstand.” —Booklist

“A juicy combination of bridal fashion, love and cutthroat drama set in the greatest city in the world!” —David Tutera, star of WEtv's "My Fair Wedding

“A juicy, scandalous page-turning novel with a true window into the world of weddings in New York City and all the colorful characters who are part of it.” —Colin Cowie, Wedding Designer and Producer

“Call it The Devil Wears Vera Wang or Alex Witchel Channels Jane Austen, Schneider's roman à clef about the Big Business of Bridal is as sharp as her protagonist's Louboutins.” —Katherine Ball Ross, creator of The Quiet Center: Women Reflecting on Life's Passages; former Literary Editor of Victoria Magazine

“Schneider invites us behind the scenes of two exclusive worlds--the bridal industry and magazine publishing--and shows us the glamour and the grind of making dreams come true.” —Karen Bussen, author of the Simple Stunning Weddings series

“In this often hilarious peek into the inner sanctum of bridal fashion, the author captures with exquisite precision and wicked detail the hidden workings of this exclusive and intriguing world. The story of the disastrous love lives of four women whose job it is to create perfection for brides-to-be is filled with keen observations into human nature and is so real, you can practically hear the taffetta swishhhhhhh...” —Martine Aerts-Niddam, Fashion Director, Inside Weddings Magazine

“An insider's look at the polite but lusty gloves-off games of the bridal magazine world. Even though the author disguised every player, the characters ring hyper true... Funny and sad, often at the same moment, The Wedding Writer is a send-up to savor.” —Margaret Kennedy, former Editor in Chief, Elegant Bride Magazine and Victoria Magazine

About the author

Susan Schneider

SUSAN SCHNEIDER, a bridal magazine editor and writer, has spent the last ten years helping engaged women get ready for the Big Day. She is the former executive editor of Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, and currently of Bridal Guide. She has been an editor and writer for a number of other major women's and parenting magazines and is the co-author of two marriage and relationship books with Dr. Sonya Rhodes. She lives in New York City.

Susan Schneider

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