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The Whistling Toilets

The Whistling Toilets

Randy Powel

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)




A fun, fast-paced romantic comedy

Sixteen-year-old Stan Claxton is recruited to coach his best friend, Ginny, a nationally ranked junior tennis player, through a local tournament. He is also supposed to find out why she has recently fallen into a slump. As Stan and Ginny slowly figure out just how their friendship will proceed, readers will delight in a quirky assortment of characters: Guballa and Wilcutts, Stan's other best friends, who both have the hots for Ginny; a female aerobics instructor with an incredible body and a face like Humphrey Bogart's; a glamorous unranked tennis player who might be a thief; Clinkt Eastwood--maybe; and the sophisticated Lord Boxton, one of Stan's tennis heroes, who previously owned the world's most expensive racquet. And then there are the whistling toilets. But readers will have to wait until the end of the novel to find out about those.

By no means a novel for sports lovers only, Randy Powell's latest assortment of likable eccentrics will win over readers of all predilections.


The Whistling Toilets

IT HAD BEEN RAINING all day and I had to ride my bike home from my after-school job, which in eleven days would turn into my summer job. I wanted to make sure my mom saw how drenched I was. I found...


Praise for The Whistling Toilets

“Powell's ironies about love and gamesmanship are executed with style.” - Publishers Weekly

“The book may be most reminiscent of Chris Crutcher's early, edgy work—no faint praise—but it has a unique feature that is surely all Powell's own: whistling toilets.” - Kirkus Reviews

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Randy Powel

Randy Powell is the author of five novels, including Is Kissing a Girl Who Smokes Like Licking an Ashtray? and Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star, both ALA Best Books for Young Adults. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Randy Powel

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