The Witch of Cologne

Tobsha Learner

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A Time of Peril

The Inquisitor, Carlos Vicente Solitario, charges a young Jewish midwife, Ruth bas Elazar Saul, with heresy. Ruth may be the daughter of the city's chief rabbi, but this is no protection against the Inquisition's accusations.

A Quest for Justice

Detlef von Tennen, nobleman and canon, cousin to the Archbishop, suspects that something other than religion drives Solitario to persecute Ruth. Determined to ensure that justice is done, Detlef joins the investigation-and finds his passions fully aroused by Ruth's impressive intelligence and darkly exotic beauty.

Two Hearts' Desires

All her life, Ruth bas Elazar Saul has thirsted for knowledge, despite the price she paid by concealing her gender and being cast out of her father's house. Her faith sustained her through all, even the attentions of the Inquisition. Then, in the very heart of danger, God blessed her with the greatest love she had ever known.

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Praise for The Witch of Cologne

Praise for Witch of Cologne:

"An historical romance that transcends its genre with meticulous attention to detail and wonderful visual sense."
--Vogue (Australia)

"A rich historical novel with a contemporary feel."
--Marie Claire (Australia)

"If you like juicy historical novels with richly-drawn Jewish characters living interesting lives, then this is a novel you must read. [The] characters, both Jewish and Christian, are surprising in their depth of personality and by their believability. The story is a real page turner. Ruth is noble and honest; a modern woman set in a far-off time."
--Australian Jewish News

"Like a tapestry, the setting is meticulously detailed [and] carefully woven. Learner has a rich historical palette to play with and uses it to create a plot that gains pace as it progresses. The novel will appeal to reader who delight in the worlds conjured in Anne Rice's dark historical romances. Like Rice, Learner writes with a leaning toward eroticism."
--Australian Bookseller & Publisher

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About the Author

Tobsha Learner

Originally from London, where she trained to be a sculptor, Tobsha Learner has lived in America and Australia. The Witch of Cologne was a bestseller in Australia; Learner's short story collection, Quiver, is an international success.
Learner has written for radio, television and film, the theater. Her plays have been performed at theater festivals in the US, Australia, and Scotland, and she has produced three short films. Learner has received many awards for her work.
Tobsha Learner currently lives in Australia.

Tobsha Learner


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The Witch of Cologne
Tobsha Learner

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
Tom Doherty Associates
Forge Books
August 2005
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780765314307
ISBN10: 0765314304
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches, 480 pages

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