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Famous and influential as a preeminent illustrator, Howard Pyle was also a gifted writer beloved by millions — young and old — for his endearing and enchanting fairy tales. The Wonder Clock is a delightful, magical collection of whimsical stories: twenty-four stories for twenty-four hours. And each a timeless masterpiece. Peopled with jolly kings and queens, lovely princesses and evil witches, sly foxes and mischievous ravens, ogres and giants, dashing princes and nasty dragons, these are old fashioned fairly tales in the best and most beautiful sense that can be enjoyed by readers of any age.

This edition also includes Pyle’s dazzling illustrations.

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THERE was a king travelling through the country, and he and those with him were so far away from home that darkness caught them by the heels, and they had to stop at a stone mill for the night, because there was no other place handy.
While they sat at supper they heard a sound in the next room, and it was a baby crying.
The miller stood in the corner, back of the stove, with his hat in his hand. “What is that noise?” said the kind to him.
“Oh! it is nothing but another baby that the good storks have brought into the house today,” said the

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Praise for The Wonder Clock

“Pyle was one of the late nineteenth century writers who helped invent the fairy tale novel.” —Jane Yolen

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About the Author

Howard Pyle

During what has come to be known as the golden age of illustration, Howard Pyle was America's foremost artist/illustrator. Born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1853, he developed his talents at a precociously early age. His specialty was the illustration of historical adventure stories, working for important periodicals such as Harper's Magazine and St. Nicholas. Very seldom does it happen that an excellent illustrator is also an excellent writer (or vice versa), but Howard Pyle, in this as in so much else, proved himself exceptional. Although he is remembered first and foremost as a visual artist, he wrote so well that many of his books are considered classics: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Otto of the Silver Hand, The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, plus several other volumes of Arthurian fiction, and, of course, Men of Iron. At the height of his fame, at the relatively youthful age of 58, Pyle died rather suddenly from a kidney infection. But he left behind quite a vital legacy. A comprehensive collection of his work may be viewed at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington. And of course, his historical adventure writings remain in print -- everywhere.

Howard Pyle


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The Wonder Clock
Howard Pyle

Mass Market Paperbound

Mass Market Paperbound
Tom Doherty Associates
January 2003
Mass Market Paperbound
ISBN: 9780765342669
ISBN10: 0765342669
Middle-Grade Fiction
5 3/16 x 7 5/8 inches, 432 pages
Age Range: 10 to 18
Grade Range: 5 and up

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