The Yanti

Alosha Trilogy (Volume 3)

Christopher Pike

Tor Teen

In Alosha and The Shaktra, thirteen-year-old Ali Warner discovered that she was not an ordinary teenager, but was actually Queen of the Fairies. Through seven painful trials, Ali reclaimed many of her magical powers and defeated an elemental army that was preparing to attack the Earth. In the elemental world, Ali learned the true nature of her greatest enemy -- the Shaktra -- and discovered why it covets the Yanti, a mystical talisman of immense power that Ali now possesses.

Now, in The Yanti, Ali discovers that a mysterious Entity is masterminding the Shaktra's attack on Earth, an attack that will kill billions and leave both Earth and the elemental world shattered. Still reeling from the death of one of her closest friends, Ali finds herself accused of murder on Earth and besieged by enemies in the elemental world.

The Shaktra has had years to develop her magical abilities and her evil plots, guided by the otherworldly Entity. Ali has only known about her fairy powers for a month. There are holes in her fairy memories and her powers are still incomplete, while the Shaktra commands vast armies of hideous monsters and rules over hosts of dragons.

Ali's allies are few: one dragon, one leprechaun, a single troll, a handful of fairies and an African boy, Ra, who has sworn to serve Ali even beyond death. Plus the mysterious disembodied Nemi -- whose love sustains Ali through her darkest moments of despair.

Only the Yanti can stop what is to come. Unfortunately, Ali has barely had a chance to study it. The first time she tries to use it as a weapon, it nearly kills her. Unless Ali Warner can solve the riddle of the Yanti - and the mystery behind the Shaktra's insane bitterness -- then the Earth and the elemental world will be doomed.


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Chapter One
The night sky was a vast black curtain littered with a thousand frozen sparks—the stars so far away, their light so feeble, that if the constellations did indeed have stories to share, then they could only relate to ancient gods, whose names had been forgotten. To the bulk of humanity, the threat from invaders beyond their world was a silly idea . . .
Yet there was one, in the night, who did worry about the beyond.
What might come out of it. What might kill the Earth.
In the midst of the dark sky, high above a snowcapped peak, there floated


Praise for The Yanti

Praise for Alosha:

"Will undoubtedly entertain. Ali is a multilayered character, believably working through her flaws and false assumptions to develop into the fairy queen. The backstory is compelling, the action is fast-paced, the danger is real. Sure to be a blockbuster."--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"With many plot twists and plenty of excitement, this novel will appeal to action-oriented fantasy readers."--VOYA

"A fast-paced combination of intrigue and fantasy. The writing is smooth and flows easily. Readers are sure to be captivated by the descriptive details and entertaining plot complete with dwarves, elves, fairies, and trolls."--School Library Journal

Praise for the novels of Christopher Pike:

"Highly recommended. Really charismatic protagonists. I couldn't put this one down."--Rocky Mountain News on The Listeners

"Winning."--Booklist on Bury Me Deep

"Instantly engaging."--Publishers Weekly on Chain Letter

"Non-stop action will keep readers guessing as the plot twists and turns."--VOYA on Magic Fire

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  • Christopher Pike

  • Christopher Pike is a multi-million copy bestselling author whose books have appeared multiple times on the USA Today bestseller list. He is the author of Alosha, The Last Vampire, Remember Me, The Visitor, The Immortal, Chain Letter, and many other novels for young adults. Christopher Pike lives in southern California.


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