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Thirty Tomorrows

Thirty Tomorrows

The Next Three Decades of Globalization, Demographics, and How We Will Live

Milton Ezrati

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"This book is a forecast."

Over the next three decades, the aging populations in America, Europe, and Japan will begin to threaten our way of life. The ever-increasing pool of retirees will burden relatively diminished workforces, slowing the pace of growth and straining public and private finances. In stark contrast, the emerging economies---India, Brazil, and China prominent among them---enjoy the benefits of large, youthful, and eager workforces, and will do so for years to come. As seasoned economist Milton Ezrati argues, these demographic differences will set the economic and financial tone for the next three decades or more.

But the author argues the future is nonetheless brighter than the media forecasting will have you believe. We can survive---and even thrive---in the face of challenges that force radical change on our workforce. America has the capacity to lead the globe in making needed reforms, including increasing the participation of women in the workplace, creating generally longer working lives, changing what and how economies produce, and much more.

Ezrati's book will be a game changer for investors, owners of businesses both big and small, and for anyone else interested in prediction of what the future holds.



Growing Old Gracefully

The West and Japan are aging. Decades of declining birth rates have reduced the proportion of young people in these populations, creating increasingly severe shortfalls in the number...


Praise for Thirty Tomorrows

“Milton Ezrati, fantastically well-versed in international finance, has a rare gift for explaining complex economic trends in clear and compelling prose. In Thirty Tomorrows he brings his formidable knowledge to bear on one of the greatest challenges facing America and Europe. He shows that aging populations need not spell doom for economic growth. His fascinating study does not form simply important but vital reading.” —Jacob Heilbrunn, Editor, The National Interest

“A bold assessment of what population aging and globalization will mean to the way we work, organize production, and accumulate knowledge and wealth in the 21st century” —Dr. Isaac Ehrlich, Chair of the Department of Economics at SUNY Buffalo and Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Human Capital

“Ezrati offers a smart, readable synthesis…his panoramic, balanced perspective provides valuable insights into economic challenges ahead.” —Publishers Weekly

“Ezrati provides useful insights into how programs should be structured to have meaningful results.” —CPA Magazine

“A timely and thoughtful analysis.” —Michael H. Armacost, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan on Kawari

“A rattling good read.” —Brian Reading, author of Japan: The Coming Collapse on Kawari

“Ezrati is bolder and more speculative.” —Foreign Affairs on Kawari

“A thought-provoking look at what might be in store.” —San Jose Mercury News on Kawari

About the author

Milton Ezrati

MILTON EZRATI has spent over forty years in the finance sector. Ezrati has extensive media experience through his position as senior economist, market strategist, and partner at Lord Abbett and Co., a money-management firm that handles approximately $132.6 billion in assets. He is an affiliate of the Center for the Study of Human Capital and Economic Growth at the State University of New York at Buffalo. A New York native, he has worked at Citibank, Chase, Lionel D. Edie & Co, and Nomura Capital Management.

Milton Ezrati

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Milton Ezrati

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