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This Will Kill You

This Will Kill You

A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go

HP Newquist and Rich Maloof; Illustrated by Jim Shinnick

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Have you been attacked by a great white shark? Gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Been exposed to anthrax? No, you haven't, or you'd be dead. This Will Kill You reveals the intriguing facts behind the many ways humans bite the dust in encounters with deadly bugs, hungry predators, natural disasters, and freak occurrences. Thoroughly researched and illustrated, not to mention thoroughly hilarious, this book describes in deathly detail what happens to the body when it's struck by lightning, slimed by a dart frog, or flung from a mountaintop.

No other book has ever peaked under the Grim Reaper's robe in such a straightforward and irreverent way. With a foreword by a physician at the Mayo Clinic, an afterword by a funeral director, lists of history's most notable deaths, and a unique death rating system, everything you need to know about the ways in which we go are included in these pages.


This Will Kill You

In the pages to follow, you're going to find out a lot of things about your body that you probably didn't know. Much of it is going to involve strange words with lots of syllables and...


Praise for This Will Kill You

“Irreverent yet informative…Makes a perfect preventive guide, breezy summer read, or ideal gift for your cousin, the hypochondriac.” —Men's Fitness

“There's nothing like a beach read that graphically details exactly how a shark will chew you up. This book...not only explores the myriad ways in which we kick the bucket (pray you never get a Guinea worm infection), it dares to look at death in a lighthearted way. Sure, being burned at the stake is no fun, but reading about it is a hoot.” —Boston Herald

“From syphilis to snakes, from alligators to anthrax, THIS WILL KILL YOU is a light-hearted look at the myriad ways we humans can depart this earth. It is an iconoclastic and informative romp through our last moments that will leave readers both informed and amused. I enjoyed it immensely.” —Michael Collins, M.D., author of HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL and BLUE COLLAR, BLUE SCRUBS

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About the author

HP Newquist and Rich Maloof; Illustrated by Jim Shinnick

HP NEWQUIST is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Great Brain Book (a National Science Teachers' award winner), the Yahoo! Guide to the Internet (a Book of the Month Selection), and Here There Be Monsters. He is also the creator of the Celebrity Death Trio™, a popular blog that chronicles the passing of fabled icons--who always manage to die in threes.

RICH MALOOF is an editor and award-winning writer specializing in health, technology, and music with a dozen published titles to his credit. He is a front-page contributor to, and has also written for CNN, Yahoo!, MSNBC, Women's Health, For Dummies, and Sterling Publications, among others.

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