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Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell

The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII's Most Notorious Minister

Robert Hutchinson

St. Martin's Griffin


The definitive biography on the most powerful man in King Henry VIII's court and the protagonist of Hilary Mantel's bestselling series, Thomas Cromwell.

The son of a brewer, Thomas Cromwell rose from obscurity to become the confidant of the King of England—and ultimately one of the most influential men in English history. Cromwell drafted the law that allowed Henry VIII to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and marry Anne Boleyn, setting into motion the Protestant Reformation, which left Britain in turmoil for centuries.

Over the course of his controversial career, Cromwell amassed a fortune through bribery and high-interest loans to members of the Tudor court and created many enemies along the way. He became the most hated man in England. His execution was spectacular—beheaded outside the Tower of London, his boiled head was placed on a spike above the London Bridge.

Rich in incident and colorful detail, Robert Hutchinson's narrative history gives readers the real inside look into the life of the protagonist of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies."

The Most Hated Man in England
The Cardinal of York, seeing Cromwell's vigilance and diligence, his ability and promptitude, both in evil and good, took him into his service and employed him principally in demolishing...

Praise for Thomas Cromwell

“Hutchinson effortlessly explains the business side of the Tudor court in which Cromwell's legal mind excelled.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Anyone who sees history as boring should be given Robert Hutchinson's book post haste. Without sacrificing facts and research, he has the ability to construct and absolutely compelling narrative and, though I never thought I'd say this of a book on Thomas Cromwell, one that is impossible to put down. He is one of the few authors who keep you up till 3am.” —THE BOOKSELLER

“Gripping . . . Hutchinson tells his story with infectious relish and vividly evokes the politics and personalities of this extraordinary decade.” —LITERARY REVIEW

“Hutchinson tells the horrible story admirably and compellingly.” —THE GUARDIAN

“A rollicking good read.” —THE HERALD (Scotland)

“Vigorous, pacey and focused…an effective portrait.” —BBC HISTORY Magazine

“This brilliant biography gives a vivid and utterly chilling account of this fascinating but deadly man.” —GOOD BOOK GUIDE

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Robert Hutchinson

ROBERT HUTCHINSON is the author of the acclaimed The Last Days of Henry VIII and Elizabeth's Spymaster. He lives in England.

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Robert Hutchinson

St. Martin's Griffin

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