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Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!

Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!

Catherine the Great

written by Cari Best; illustrations by Giselle Potter

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A little English, a little Russian, and a lot of heart make a birthday celebration you won't want to miss! When Sara's grandma, Catherine the Great, suddenly announces, "This year for my birthday, I want no presents! I have music in my Russian bones, and laughing in my heart. I have the day and the night, and I have all of you," Sara is surprised. How can Grandma have a birthday party with no presents?" Her mama explains that a NO PRESENT can be anything from a kiss or a hug to a game of gin rummy -- as long as it comes from deep inside you. But what kind of NO PRESENT would be good enough for Catherine the Great? Mr. Minsky, Monica, and her dad, Mary Caruso and her baby, Mimmo, already have good ideas. But it isn't until Sara is surrounded by Grandma's bundles of Russian newspapers and books that she gets her won idea: She will teach Grandma to read and write English. This lively borscht-and-blintzes birthday celebration shows that sometimes NO PRESENTS can be the best presents of all.


Praise for Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!

“A not-to-be missed borscht-and-blintzes birthday party.” —starred, Publishers Weekly

“When Grandma insists that she wants "no presents" for her birthday this year, Sara, her mother, and their neighbors all seek the perfect NO PRESENT.” —starred, School Library Journal

“In lively, lyrical prose, Best celebrates a special family relationship, and conveys the unique challenges and joys of an immigrant's new life . . . Potter's festive, whimsical artwork is an irresistible play of vibrant colors and patterns, filled with rich detail and diverse, expressive characters.” —starred, Booklist

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About the author

written by Cari Best; illustrations by Giselle Potter

Cari Best's books include Shrinking Violet and Goose's Story. She lives in Weston, Connecticut.

Giselle Potter an award-winning illustrator. She lives in Kingston, New York.

Cari Best

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Cari Best

Giselle Potter

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