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Through Time: London

Through Time: London


Through Time

By Richard Platt, illustrated by Manuela Cappon




From a Neolithic camp to the host of the 2012 Summer Olympics, very few cities have seen as much history, innovation, and bloodshed as London. In Through Time: London - by Richard Platt, illustrated by Manuela Cappon - readers take an historical, geographical, and anthropological journey through London's past through amazing artwork and detailed cross sections. From the earliest habitations to the Roman and Viking invasions, the Plague, Shakespeare, The Great Fire, right up to the Industrial Revolution, the Blitz, and more, readers will uncover layer after layer of London's magnificent history and learn about the people who have called the city home.

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Praise for Through Time: London

“While the initial impression is that this is a browsing book, it is in reality more of a research tool, reliant on text to explain the famous city's metamorphosis.” —School Library Journal

“[T]his colorful, large-format volume offers a rich visual experience. . . .Laid out as though seen from an airplane, the large, detailed pictures are bolstered by smaller circular pictures and inset maps of the broader area, as well as labels, captions, and a few informative paragraphs of text. [An] . . . attractive resource.” —Booklist

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About the author

By Richard Platt, illustrated by Manuela Cappon

Richard Platt has been writing children's books for more than 15 years and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Silver Smarties Prize in the United Kingdom.

Manuela Cappon is a member of the MM Comunicazione studio in Italy, which specializes in high-quality nonfiction illustration for publishers around the world.

Richard Platt

Manuela Cappon

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