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Through Time: New York City

Through Time: New York City

New York City

Through Time

By Richard Platt,




This series offers a unique journey through different periods in history. Detailed artworks tell the story of a specific location as it changes with time. As they explore each scene, readers learn about the people who lived in this place, looking at their beliefs and ways of life.

Through Time: New York City tells the story of the Big Apple from its native American origins to the present – including the arrival of European settlers, the growth of trade, immigration, and great feats of engineering such as the Brooklyn Bridge. Along the way, the book explores major events in world history, such as the Revolutionary War and the famous Wall Street Crash.

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Praise for Through Time: New York City

“[I]n this magnificently illustrated work, historical happenings and intriguing offshoots are showcased like stars on Broadway. This volume of the Through Time series does what the other volumes have done so well: present historical events and daily life in painstakingly illustrated double-page spreads, each one devoted to one year or one signal event. . . . A wealth of information in an engaging format.” —Booklist

“The large trim size, cutaways of Ellis Island and other landmarks and intricate aerial views of Manhattan in the Through Time series entry capture a sense of scale and bustling energy of "the city that never sleeps.” —Kirkus Reviews

“While the initial impression is that this is a browsing book, it is in reality more of a research tool, reliant on text to explain the famous city's metamorphosis.” —School Library Journal

“Open the really big cover to reveal the really big pages, and you'll find a really fascinating, magically illustrated book that illuminates the Big Red Delicious.” —Asbury Park Press

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About the author

By Richard Platt,

Richard Platt has been writing for children since 1992. One of his books, Castle Diary, was shortlisted for the Kate Maschler Award, The Times Education Supplement award, and a History Today prize. His Pirate Diary won the Kate Greenaway Medal 2002, the Silver Smarties Award 2002, and won the ‘Best Book With Facts' prize in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2003
Manuela Cappon is a member of the MM Comunicazione illustration studio based in Florence, Italy. Over the past 15 years, Manuela and her colleagues have specialized in highquality non-fiction illustrations, working with publishing houses both in Italy and abroad.

Richard Platt

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