All Authors : Tor-Forge

Stephen Pagel

Absolute Magnitude

Daniel James Palmer

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 1

Michael Palmer

The Fifth Vial; The First Patient; The Second Opinion; The Last Surgeon

Susan Palwick

Shelter; Flying in Place; Mending the Moon; The Necessary Beggar

Marc Paoletti

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 4

Paul Park

The Tourmaline; The Hidden World; The White Tyger; Ragnarok

Lara Parker

Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising; Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent; Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch

Richard Parks

Four Horsemen, at Their Leisure

Joshua Alan Parry

Virus Thirteen

Richard Parry

The Wolf's Pack

Norman Partridge

Dark Harvest

Robert Paston

The Hour of the Innocents

Teresa Patterson

The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

William H. Patterson Jr.

Robert A. Heinlein, Vol 1; Robert A. Heinlein, Vol 2

Diana L. Paxson

The Golden Hills of Westria

Donn Pearce

Nobody Comes Back

Mary E. Pearson

A Room on Lorelei Street; The Adoration of Jenna Fox; The Miles Between; The Fox Inheritance

Alexey Pehov

Shadow Prowler; Shadow Chaser; Shadow Blizzard; A Pehov Duet

Kira Peikoff

Living Proof

Nicholas Pekearo

The Wolfman

Lewis Perdue

The Da Vinci Legacy; Slatewiper; Daughter of God

Anne Perry

Transgressions: Price of Desire; Transgressions Vol. 4; Naked Came the Phoenix

Ralph Peters

Victory - Volume 2; The War After Armageddon; The Officers' Club; Cain at Gettysburg

J. T. Petty

Bloody Chester; Between the Panels 2; Angel Season; The Rise of Aurora West

Will Pfeifer

The Advance Team

Gillian Philip

Firebrand; Bloodstone; Wolfsbane

Gary Phillips

The Darker Mask

Christopher Pike

Alosha; The Yanti; Falling; The Shaktra

Anne M. Pillsworth

Summoned; The Madonna of the Abattoir

R. J. Pineiro

Victory - Volume 3; Cyberterror; Havoc; Spyware

J. A. Pitts

Black Blade Blues; Honeyed Words; Forged in Fire

M. C. Planck

The Kassa Gambit

Michael Pocalyko

The Navigator

Junius Podrug

The Betrayers; Aztec Rage; The Disaster Survival Bible; Aztec Fire

William R. Pogue

How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?; The Trikon Deception

Frederik Pohl

Platinum Pohl; Man Plus; Beyond the Blue Event Horizon; The Space Merchants

Petru Popescu

Weregirls: Birth of the Pack

David L. Porter

Hell on Earth

Jerry Pournelle

Escape from Hell; Inferno; Beowulf's Children

J. Mark Powell

The Curse of Cain

William Campbell Powell

Expiration Day

Tim Powers

Expiration Date; Earthquake Weather

Tim Pratt

Silver Linings

Douglas Preston

Reliquary; Relic; Mount Dragon; The Codex

Cherie Priest

Four and Twenty Blackbirds; Wings to the Kingdom; Not Flesh Nor Feathers; Boneshaker

Christopher Priest

The Prestige

Bill Pronzini

Nightcrawlers; Mourners; Savages; Fever

Howard Pyle

The Wonder Clock