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  • Bloodstone

  • Rebel Angel Series
  • Gillian Philip
  • Tor/Forge
  • Mass Market Paperbound   |   $8.99
  • Bloodstone is the second novel in Gillian Philip's critically acclaimed Rebel Angels series, debuting in the United States for the first time. For...
  • Rebellion

  • Ken Shufeldt
  • Tor/Forge
  • Mass Market Paperbound   |   $7.99
  • Bailouts and ambitious plans for recovery have failed to rescue the United States’s crumbling economy. As the country stands on the brink of total...
  • A Barricade in Hell

  • Jaime Lee Moyer
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $25.99
  • In Jaime Lee Moyer's Barricade in Hell, Delia Martin has been gifted (or some would say cursed) with the ability to peer across to the other side. Since...
  • The Merchant Emperor

  • The Symphony of Ages
  • Elizabeth Haydon
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $25.99
  • The long awaited seventh book in Elizabeth Haydon’s critically-acclaimed epic fantasy series, the Symphony of Ages.The war that they had feared is now...
  • The Dark Between the Stars

  • Saga of Shadows
  • Kevin J. Anderson
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $27.99
  • Twenty years after the elemental conflict that nearly tore apart the cosmos in The Saga of Seven Suns, a new threat emerges from the darkness. The human race...
  • California Bones

  • Greg van Eekhout
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $24.99
  • When Daniel Blackland was six, he ingested his first bone fragment, a bit of kraken spine plucked out of the sand during a visit with his demanding, brilliant,...
  • Earth Awakens

  • The First Formic War
  • Orson Scott Card Aaron Johnston
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $25.99
  • The story of The First Formic War continues in Earth Awakens. Nearly 100 years before the events of Orson Scott Card’s bestselling novel...
  • Chasers of the Wind

  • Alexey Pehov Elinor Huntington
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $27.99
  • Centuries after the disastrous War of the Necromancers, the Nabatorians, aligned with the evil necromancers of Sdis, mount an invasion of the Empire. Luk, a...
  • Chernobyl

  • Frederik Pohl
  • Tor/Forge
  • Trade Paperback   |   $18.99
  • Chernobyl: The very name conjures the catastrophe that the world feared could happen someday at a nuclear power plant. On April 26, 1986, a power surge caused...
  • Flight of the Golden Harpy

  • Susan Klaus
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $26.99
  • Kari, a young woman, returns to the jungle planet of Dora after ten years in Earth’s schools determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding the harpies,...
  • Child of a Hidden Sea

  • A. M. Dellamonica
  • Tor/Forge
  • Hardcover   |   $25.99
  • One minute, twenty-four-year-old Sophie Hansa is in a San Francisco alley trying to save the life of the aunt she has never known. The next, she finds herself...
  • The Last Page

  • Anthony Huso
  • Tor/Forge
  • Trade Paperback   |   $17.99
  • Dark and rich, epic in scope, in The Last Page Anthony Huso has crafted a fantasy in the vein of China Mieville's Perdido Street...