Fighting Terrorism How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Updated in 2001 with a new foreword by the author, Fighting Terrorism speaks directly to the events, conflicts, fears, and politics that define the world today.

From his days as a soldier in an elite anti-terror unit in the Israeli Army to his years as Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has fought terrorism on the military, diplomatic, and political battlefields. In this book, he maintains that recent tragedies can either be the harbingers of much greater calamities yet to come or the turning point at which free societies once again mobilize their resources, ingenuity, and will to wipe out this crisis.

Combating terrorism is not a "policy option"—rather, he argues, it is a necessity for the survival of democratic freedom. Deftly illustrating that domestic terrorist incidents are far less threatening than the spreading of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, Netanyahu both explains and explores how the world's democracies can defend themselves against this new threat.


Praise for Fighting Terrorism

"An excellent primer on the groups, motives, and methods of the current terrorist threat."—Bill Gertz, The Washington Times

"Netanyhu has produced a small volume updating the story of international terrorism and his advice on how to defeat it. His message . . . is a correct one."—Peter W. Rodman, The Washington Post Book World

"This short book is well worth reading, and is likely to spark renewed debate about the central dilemma Netanyahu addresses . . . He offers vigorous, proactive, pre-emptive measures."—Victor T. Levine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Netanyahu traces the history of terrorism with scholarship and makes a strong case that the West has not prepared itself properly for increased domestic and international terrorism."—Berl Faulbaum, The Detroit News

"Vigorous . . . Mr. Netanyahu's argument, which is soberly and clearly made, cannot be taken lightly."—Richard Berstein, The New York Times

"Strong but not belligerent, adamant but measured . . . It's hard to put up much of an argument against Netanyahu's prophetic book."—David Finkle, The Trenton Times

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Fighting Terrorism
IThe Plague of Domestic TerrorismOrganized crime has plagued all the democracies. It has attacked business establishments, assaulted judges, corrupted police officials. But the rise of terrorism in recent decades presents a new form of organized violence directed against democratic societies. Making their appearance in the late 1960s, terrorist attacks have afflicted virtually each of the Western countries in an unfailing sequence. The societies targeted have included Britain, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Israel, and most recently the United States
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  • Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel, is also the author of A Place Among the Nations: Israel and the World.