Destiny's Road

Larry Niven

Tor Science Fiction



Mass Market Paperbound

448 Pages



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The year: 2730 A.D.

The planet: Destiny.

Wide and smooth, the Road was seared into Destiny's rocky surface by the fusion drive of the powered landing craft, Cavorite. The Cavorite deserted the original interstellar colonists, stranding them without hope of contacting Earth.

Now, descendants of those pioneers have many questions about the Road, but no settler who has gone down it has ever returned. For Jemmy Bloocher, a young farm boy, the questions burn too hot—and so he sets out to uncover the Road's many mysteries.


Praise for Destiny's Road

"A writer of supreme talent."—Tom Clancy

"Niven's sure hand with details opens the story up in unexpected directions . . . I hope the inevitable sequel maintains this admirable balance."—The New York Times

"The paradigm SF personality of the last several decades."—Gregory Benford

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The Caravan
We have experience of the earlier interstellar colony, Camelot. Considerable information reached Earth from Camelot, describing both mistakes and success, before communication stopped. Destiny is our second try. Destiny will succeed.
--Naren Singh,
United Nations, 2427 a.d.
2722 a.d., Spiral Town
Junior at fourteen had grown tall enough to reach the highest cupboard. She stretched up on tiptoe, found the speckles shaker by feel, and brought it down. Then she saw what was happening to the bac
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  • Larry Niven

  • A Nebula Award winner and five-time recipient of the Hugo Award, Larry Niven is the author of such SF classics as Ringworld, The Integral Trees, and Dream Park. He lives in Tarzana, California.
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