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My Life as an Emergency Surgeon

Dr. James Cole

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In this pulse-pounding medical memoir, trauma surgeon James Cole takes readers straight into the ER, where anything can and does happen.

TRAUMA is Dr. Cole's harrowing account of his life spent in the ER and on the battlegrounds, fighting to save lives. In addition to his gripping stories of treating victims of gunshot wounds, stabbings, attempted suicides, flesh-eating bacteria, car crashes, industrial accidents, murder, and war, the book also covers the years during Cole's residency training when he was faced with 120-hour work weeks, excessive sleep deprivation, and the pressures of having to manage people dying of traumatic injury, often with little support.

Unlike the authors of other medical memoirs, Cole trained to be a surgeon in the military and served as a physician member of a Marine Corps reconnaissance unit, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and on a Navy Reserve SEAL team. From treating war casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq to his experiences as a civilian trauma surgeon treating alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, and the mentally deranged, TRAUMA is an intense look at one man's commitment to his country and to those most desperately in need of aid.



The Trauma Surgeon

The stinking man's blood trailed along my arm and torso, and then ran down my leg, soaking through my scrub pants. My foot swam in a pool of the sanguineous fluid, which saturated my sock...


Praise for Trauma

“An engrossing ... story of the author's evolution from a newly minted MD to an expert trauma surgeon.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Cole presents an extraordinary chronicle of memorable cases--some heartbreaking, some seemingly miraculous--as he details his grueling training to become a surgeon, one who appears never to forget his humanity and humility.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fast-paced, realistic and bursting with detail, Trauma is a fascinating look into the frenzied life of a trauma surgeon. It takes us on a journey into the grisly heart of medicine, infusing that journey with compassion and insight.” —Dr. Michael Collins, author of HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL and BLUE COLLAR, BLUE SCRUBS

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The vast number of mangled patients inevitably becomes a mental blur for the emergency surgeons who yank them from the brink of death. Yet Cole presents an extraordinary chronicle of memorable cases - Publishers Weekly

Read the Kirkus Review of TRAUMA My Life as an Emergency Surgeon. A candid look at the life of a trauma surgeon who has served as a reserve officer with the US Special Operations Command, as well as the urban trenches of the United States. - Kirkus Reviews

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Dr. James Cole

DR. JAMES COLE has served with USSOCOM and has been a Navy Officer, paratrooper, military diver, and surgeon. He left active duty in 2000 but after the events of September 11th, he rejoined the reserves and was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. He practices Trauma Surgery, Critical Care, and Emergency General Surgery in Illinois.

James Cole

James Cole

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