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Tumford the Terrible

Tumford the Terrible


Nancy Tillman; Illustrated by Nancy Tillman

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Tumford isn't really a terrible cat. He just has a way of finding mischief—tracking dirt into the house, knocking over breakable things, and disrupting fancy parties. But even though he feels bad, he has a hard time saying, "I'm sorry." Will the fact that his owners love him, no matter what, help Tummy say the magic words?


…But oh, dear and oh, my
There was one small pity.
Tumford, it seems, was a most stubborn kitty.
In spite of the manners he often forgot
He would not say, "I'm sorry."
Oh, no, he would not!


Praise for Tumford the Terrible

“Tumford exists to deliver a lesson on the importance of apologizing sincerely; with his chubby tummy and slick yellow boots, he looks as if he might have had some interesting adventures, but Tillman (On the Night You Were Born) stays on message.” —Publishers Weekly

“Tummy marches jubilantly in yellow galoshes, a Puss-in-Boots extraordinaire.” —Chicago Tribune

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Nancy Tillman; Illustrated by Nancy Tillman

Nancy Tillman is the author and illustrator of the New York Times best-selling picture book On the Night You Were Born and its companion journal, The Wonder of You: A Book for Celebrating Baby's First Year. Her other books include Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You and The Spirit of Christmas. A former advertising executive, Tillman now writes and illustrates full-time. She lives in Tualatin, Oregon.

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