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Twice Blessed

Twice Blessed

Everything You Need To Know About Having A Second Child-- Preparing Yourself, Your Marriage, And Your Firstborn For A New Family Of Four

Joan Leonard

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Joan Leonard's Twice Blessed offers everything you need to know about having a second child--preparing yourself, your marriage, and your firstborn for a new family of four.

Just when you thought you were finally adjusting to being a parent--your stretch marks have faded and you've packed away your nursing bras and maternity clothes--you decide to have a second child. And although by now you may feel like a parenting expert, the second time around brings its own set of questions, quandaries, and chaos, from tighter finances to new routines.

Drawing on the expertise of pediatricians, gynecologists, and family therapists, as well as the anecdotes of mothers everywhere (tips from the trenches), this book includes both the psychological and physiological aspects of a second birth. It covers how to prepare yourself for a different pregnancy and birth, your marriage for another dramatic change, and your child for a new brother or sister. With warmth, inspiration, and humor, it looks carefully at the brand new family of four and what to expect as it evolves during the first weeks, first months, and first year.


Praise for Twice Blessed

“In many ways the challenges of a second child are greater (and more complex) than those of the first! This book can help!” —Richard and Linda Eyre, authors of Teaching Your Children Values and How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

“As a mother of four, I can say that this book really zeroes in on the issues that are different after the first baby. I especially love the you-are-there reality of 'Tips from the Trenches' at the end of each chapter!” —Paula Spencer, author of Everything Else You Need to Know When You're Expecting and Parenting Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

“Having a second child is a whole new ball game. Joan Leonard's humorous and heartwarming tales and tips help to prepare those brave and fortunate enough to do it all over again!” —Dr. Ruth Peters, author of It's Never Too Soon to Discipline, Don't be Afraid to Discipline, and Who's in Charge?

“Reading this book has made me feel twice blessed-- once from the touching and expressive account of life in a family of four, and twice from the sensitivity and insights about life itself.” —Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D., author of Raising a Thinking Child and Raising a Thinking Preteen

“Joan Leonard has emotional perfect pitch when she writes about being a mom. Neither sentimental or cynical, she describes modern life with children in all its complexities, celebrating the manifold challenges and profound rewards with humor, wonder and awe.” —Roberta Israeloff, author of Kindling the Flame, Lost and Found, In Confidence, and Coming to Terms

“Joan Leonard has written a gentle, nurturing, and no-nonsense guide to the world of being 'twice blessed.' She pays homage to the courage, love and sense of humor it takes to embark on a family of four.” —Leah Komaiko, author of the bestselling Annie Bananie and Am I Old Yet?

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About the author

Joan Leonard

Joan Leonard is a former contributing editor of Parents magazine and the author of What to Do to Improve your Child's Manners and Tales from Toddler Hell. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Joan Leonard

Joan Leonard

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