Tyrannosaurus Drip

Julia Donaldson; Illustrated by David Roberts

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The duckbill dinosaurs live across the river from the T-Rex’s. The duckbills are peaceful plant-eaters. The T’s are scary meat-eaters. When a duckbill egg hatches in the T’s nest, both the new baby and the T-Rex family must try very hard to get along. But the little dinosaur, nicknamed Drip by his new family, soon proves he’s not such a drip after all—in fact, he’s a real hero!
Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages will cheer for Drip in this timeless story about little versus big, by the author of the beloved and bestselling picture book, The Gruffalo.

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In a prehistoric river in a prehistoric swamp,
Lived a herd of duckbill dinosaurs who liked to stand and chomp.
And they hooted, "Up with the rivers!" and they hooted, "Up with reeds!"
And they hooted, "Up with bellyfulls of juicy water weeds!"
Now across the rushy river, on a hill the other side,
Lived a mean Tyrannosaurus with his grim and grisly bride.
And they shouted, "Up with hunting!" and they shouted, "Up with war!"
And they shouted, "Up with bellyfuls of duckbill dinosaur!"

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David Roberts on Tyrannosaurus Drip

Illustrator David Roberts discusses his work on the children's book, Tyrannosaurus Drip.

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Praise for Tyrannosaurus Drip

Praise for Tyrannosaurus Drip:
“With scansion firmly in hand, Donaldson pens a rhymed tale of dino-heroism perfectly complemented by Roberts’s comical cartoon scenes of toothy carnivores and trumpet-mouthed vegetarians . . . T. Drip is definitely a dino worth hooting over.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Brilliant fun from the creator of The Gruffalo. Slightly older kids will love this, and you adults will probably enjoy it too.”—supernanny.co.uk
Praise for The Gruffalo:

“A modern classic.”—The Observer

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About the Author

Julia Donaldson; Illustrated by David Roberts

Julia Donaldson is the author of over 50 books for children, including The Gruffalo, which has sold over a million copies and won the Smarties Prize, one of the UK’s top children’s book awards. The combined sales of her top 5 titles is well over 3 million copies (see below). She lives in Glasgow, Scotland. David Roberts won the 2006 Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Gold Award for his illustrations in Mouse Noses on Toast. He gets inspiration for his drawings simply by looking out of the window and observing life, nature, and the world. He lives in central London.

Julia Donaldson
David Roberts

Carmel King
Julia Donaldson


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Tyrannosaurus Drip
Julia Donaldson; Illustrated by David Roberts


Feiwel & Friends
May 2008
ISBN: 9780312377472
ISBN10: 0312377479
Picture Book
8 x 10 inches, 32 pages, Full-color illustrations
Age Range: 4 to 8
Grade Range: p to 3 Information for Librarians

Information for Librarians

F&P Level A-Z: L


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