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Unique II: Betrayal

Unique II: Betrayal

Unique (Volume 2)

Nikki Turner

St. Martin's Griffin




Living the life she has always dreamed of, Unique isn't about to let her past ruin her future with her fiancé, big time boxing promoter, Kennard. But the tales are turned on her and it leaves Unique fighting for her very life. As for Kennard, he is stunned to learn about her past, but more importantly he is not about to let anyone get away with hurting his woman. However, as Unique and Unique's best friend, Teeydah set out on a path of revenge, a new menace, a new betrayal rises.


UNIQUE II (Chapter 1:Five Days Earlier...)
The elevator doors glided open on the twenty-sixth floor. Dapper, charismatic, handsome Kennard DuVall was dressed as sharp as a tack as he stepped out of the metal box onto the plushy carpeted hallway...


Praise for Unique II: Betrayal

“Nikki puts a new twist on an old favorite. As thought provoking and witty as it is hood, Project Chick II is a great read.” —K'wan

“Few writers working in the field today bring the drama [like] Nikki Turner. . . . [She's] a master at weaving juicy, 'hood-rich sagas of revenge, regret, and redemption.” —Vibe on Forever a Hustler's Wife

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Nikki Turner

NIKKI TURNER is the author of The New York Times bestseller Black Widow, the #1 Essence bestseller Forever a Hustler's Wife, and the Essence bestsellers A Hustler's Wife, The Glamorous Life, and Riding Dirty on I-95.

Nikki Turner

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