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Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott

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Hollywood, California: three gruesome deaths within two weeks and every one of them a major star - an Oscar winner, an ingénue, and an action hero.  A serial killer is working through the Hollywood A-list and celebrities are running scared.

Each crime scene is worthy of a classic horror movie, and all three victims share a connection to the powerful scream queen, Ovsanna Moore.  The stunning and formidable Moore is the legendary head of a Hollywood studio, as well as the writer and star of seventeen blockbuster horror films (and a few that went straight to DVD).

She’s also a 500 year old vampyre… but this is Hollywood after all, and no one ever looks their age.

Beverly Hills Police Detective Peter King knows a lot about the City of Angels, but he certainly doesn’t know that most of the famous actors in town are actually an established network of vampires. Or that secretive and seductive Ovsanna Moore happens to be their CEO.

Moore and King may be from opposite sides of the Hollywood Hills, but both have something to gain by stopping the killer who the tabloids have dubbed the Cinema Slayer.  Ovsanna must protect her vampire legacy and her production schedule, while King just wants to keep his Beverly Hills beat as blood-free as possible.  But when the horror queen and the cop with the movie star looks form an unholy alliance, sparks fly and so do the creatures of the night.

Film, television and Broadway star Adrienne Barbeau and New York Times bestselling author Michael Scott have teamed up to deliver this sexy, scary, and deliciously clever novel full of Hollywood glamour, behind-the-scenes secrets, and the truly bloodthirsty reality of Tinseltown.  So grab some popcorn and some holy water and lose yourself in the high-stakes, back-stabbing world of the Vampyres of Hollywood.


Praise for Vampyres of Hollywood

From Publishers Weekly
Actress Barbeau and bestseller Scott (The Alchemyst) give a novel twist to one of the hoariest clichés of vampire lore in this compulsively readable dark fantasy. Secret vampires in the film industry have concocted vampire myths and disseminated them through horror movies to mislead superstitious humans (e.g., real vampires can walk by day). One of the biggest bamboozlers is Ovsanna Moore, a seductive centuries-old vampire currently producing and acting in B-movies with titles like Vatican Vampyres. When humans and vampires in her studio entourage begin dying spectacularly gruesome deaths, Ovsanna knows that someone is specifically targeting her. Since it's just a matter of time before investigating detective Peter King uncovers Ovsanna's vampire pedigree, she must solve the mystery or “die” and resurface somewhere else. Alternate chapters from Peter and Ovsanna's limited points of view build narrative tension. Briskly paced and full of fang-in-cheek humor, this novel is one of the more entertaining recent works of supernatural noir. (Aug.)

Praise for Vampyres of Hollywood

“Sexy, funny and gory--and that's just the first chapter. If I'd known she could write like this, I would've stuck around a little longer."
--John Carpenter, acclaimed Hollywood horror director of Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing

“VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD is exactly the delicious hybrid its name implies…equal parts wit, romance, mystery, and gore.” —Julie Smith, author of P.I. ON A HOT TIN ROOF

"Behind-the-scenes-Hollywood, the A-List, the attitude and the undead, VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD has it all!" —Cara Black, author of MURDER ON THE ILE SAINT-LOUIS

“Clever, fast-paced and incredibly fresh, VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD is the best novel I’ve read in years. I can’t wait for a sequel.” —Lori Handeland, USA Today Bestselling Author, RITA Award Winning Author of ANY GIVEN DOOMSDAY

“VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD [is] funny, gory, and filled with supernatural thrills. Adrienne Barbeau's behind-the-scene insights into the workings and vanity of Hollywood are spot on..” —Loraine Despres, author of THE SCANDALOUS SUMMER OF SISSY LEBLANC

“Devastatingly funny and deliciously snarky, VAMPYRES OF HOLLYWOOD is a whirlwind of action and a take on vampyres you will never forget. With a splash of romance and just the right amount of fang-rattling violence, this unique bit of genius will keep you reading all night.” —Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling author of SHADOW MAGIC


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  • Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott

  • As a film, television, and Broadway star, ADRIENNE BARBEAU 's career spans forty years. Genre fans know her from The Fog, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, and Escape From New York. She was nominated for a Tony for creating the role of Rizzo in “Grease” and starred as Maude's daughter in the hit series Maude and as Ruthie the Snake Dancer in HBO's Carnivale.  She is the author of the best-selling memoir “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.”

    MICHAEL SCOTT is one of Ireland's most prolific authors. His most recent book is The Sorceress, the third installment of New York Times bestselling series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. 

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  • Michael Scott © Michael Scott
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