Virtual Schooling

A Guide to Optimizing Your Child's Education

Elizabeth Kanna, Lisa Gillis, with Christina Culver

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Today, millions of school-age children are learning outside of a traditional classroom and using cutting edge educational options. Policy experts predict that in a decade half of all education will be delivered virtually. In Virtual Schooling three top authorities help you navigate the fastest growing movement in education -- regardless of whether your child attends public school, private school or is home schooled. You’ll discover how to: 

·         Find opportunities and programs to optimize your child’s learning, strengths and aptitudes.

·         Create a personalized learning plan for your child, which can remove barriers, ignite their passions and propel your child to new levels of learning.

·         Prepare your child for success in the workplace in any future economy.


Praise for Virtual Schooling

“A blue print and a tool kit for parents to join the latest education revolution.”–John Fund, columnist, The Wall Street Journal.

“A revolutionary tool for parents looking to find personalized, flexible education options for their child.”–Keith Oelrich, Founder and CEO Insight Schools, Inc.

“A valuable asset for any parent to create a world-class education for their child.”–Susan Patrick, President & CEO, International Association for K-12 Online Learning

“Anyone who feels their child would benefit from a more individualized approach to learning will discover how virtual schools can deliver a flexible, engaging and quality education.”–Ron Packard, Founder, CEO of K12, Inc.

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  • Elizabeth Kanna, Lisa Gillis, with Christina Culver

  • Elizabeth Kanna is a new-market strategist who co-founded the largest homeschooling site on the Internet, and co-authored the movement’s definitive guide, Homeschooling for Success. The school board president of a public virtual school, Kanna is also a veteran virtual schooling parent.

    Lisa Gillis is a director at Insight Schools and is a recognized virtual education expert in the United States.  A lifelong educator, she has held key posts developing, managing, and advocating for virtual schools.  She is also a virtual schooling parent.

    Christina Culver is an education policy expert and consultant having formally served in the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Elizabeth Kanna Elizabeth Kanna
    Elizabeth Kanna
  • Lisa Gillis


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Virtual Schooling

A Guide to Optimizing Your Child's Education

Elizabeth Kanna, Lisa Gillis, with Christina Culver

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