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What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

A Head-to-Tail Guide for Your Cat's Symptoms - and Solutions

John M. Simon, DVM with Stephanie Pedersen

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Your cat can't speak, but her symptoms can.

The best way to ensure your cat's health is to know how to interpret her symptoms and take the proper meausres to get her well again. From head to tail, from physical to behavioral problems, respected veternarian Dr. John Simon helps you understand your cat's ailments and arrive at safe, effective solutions. Included in this cat's owner's invaluable volume are:

Emergency syptoms: what kind of signals should be attended to immeiately and which ones to watch closely
Home care vs. Doctor care: when your cat needs to see a vet and when you can remedy the problem yourself
150 common cat health problems: outlined in clear, easy-to-understand language, Dr. Simon prestnts the most common pet problems and the best way to treat them
Plus: essential appendices for fast reference, including a checklist for good health, how to perform a weekly exam, a chapter of emergency symptoms and solutions--and much, more more.

Now you don't have to be a veterrinarian to discover
What Your Cat is Trying to Tell You


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About the author

John M. Simon, DVM with Stephanie Pedersen

John M. Simon, D.V.M., has over twenty-five years of experience in conventional and alternative pet care. He is the owner of his own private practice, Woodside Animal Hospital, in Royal Oak, Michigan, and has a regular column in Detroit's Daily Tribune.

John M. Simon D.V.M.

John M. Simon D.V.M.

Stephanie Pedersen

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