Whitey on Trial

Secrets, Corruption, and the Search for Truth

Margaret McLean and Jon Leiberman

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After sixteen years on the lam, infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger was finally captured and brought to trial—and what a trial it was: evidence of nineteen gruesome murders, government secrets, FBI corruption, a dead witness, and an unbelievable tale of love. Whitey's machine guns and gangland-style extortions gripped the city of Boston for decades.

Investigative journalist Jon Leiberman travelled the world with the FBI’s Whitey Bulger task force. Former Boston area prosecutor and legal analyst Margaret McLean witnessed every day of testimony, heard every word uttered in court. Both authors have developed close relationships with the investigators, the lawyers, and Whitey’s friends, his fellow mobsters, his victims and their families. 

In Whitey on Trial, the truth is revealed through trial testimony, interviews with cops, FBI agents, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and members of the jury that ultimately found Bulger guilty on thirty-one counts, including eleven murders. An exclusive letter from Whitey to McLean offers insight into his state of mind immediately following the verdict.

Whitey on Trial is the definitive firsthand account of the Whitey Bulger trial.


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At the center of all this murder and mayhem is one man, the defendant in this case, James Bulger.
—Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Kelly, opening statement
It was a note from a killer. A handwritten letter, nestled between bills in the mailbox, and postmarked ten days after a jury rendered a verdict at his trial. From: Whitey Bulger. The man accused of murdering nineteen people had written to us, wanting to tell his side of the story.
We couldn’t open it.
We, Margaret McLean and Jon Leiberman, had joined forces to cover the


Praise for Whitey on Trial

"Whitey on Trial, cinematic in scope and presentation, brings to life the intense and complex experiences of the ‘stage and battleground’ of criminal prosecution. I was hooked from the opening paragraphs. If you read the headlines and think you understood this case, think again. This is a must-read."
—Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of Dr. Drew on Call, Loveline, and Celebrity Rehab  

"Leiberman helped me hunt Whitey for years with passion for all of his victims. This book is truly an inside and compelling view of a legendary trial. McLean and Leiberman have written a must-read for true crime lovers."
—John Walsh, creator and host of America’s Most Wanted

"Jon Leiberman is one of America’s top investigative journalists. He and Margaret McLean have formed an incredible team—relentlessly searching for the truth in this case. You will be stunned by what they've learned. A can’t-put-it-down real life thriller."
—Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN Host

"For a quarter century, Whitey Bulger terrorized the city of Boston and corrupted even the FBI agents charged with bringing him down. In this meticulous, day-by-day account of Whitey's final reckoning, Margaret McLean and Jon Leiberman vividly capture the drama of a major criminal trial and the downfall of one of America's most notorious gangsters. Like the best true-crime writing, it reads like fiction. Utterly riveting."
—William Landay, New York Times bestselling author of Defending Jacob


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  • Margaret McLean and Jon Leiberman

  •  MARGARET MCLEAN practiced law as a criminal prosecutor and civil litigation attorney. She currently teaches law at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. McLean is a legal analyst on numerous national television and radio shows, and has a weekly nationally syndicated radio show called It's A Crime Radio.  

    JON LEIBERMAN is an award-winning investigative correspondent, host, producer and victim advocate. He is currently an investigative reporter for the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM. Jon hosts "Leiberman Live" on Sirius XM and is a crime contributor for CNN HLN and WildAboutTrial.com and a crime blogger for Huffington Post. 



  • Jon Leiberman
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    Whitey on Trial

    Secrets, Corruption, and the Search for Truth

    Margaret McLean and Jon Leiberman



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