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Wives of Frankie Ferraro

Wives of Frankie Ferraro

A Novel

Camille Marchetta

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Frankie Ferraro is no saint. But he is a romantic.
And somewhere out there, he's hoping to find true love...

Frankie Ferraro-young, discontent, and irresistibly sexy-wants more out of life
than what's offered by his middle-class Italian family.
He wants big money. Status. And his one true love. Is she...

Miranda...Rich, beautiful, and wild. This Boston blueblood shows Frankie how the "other half" lives, including the dark side. And her secrets may destroy his dreams.

Annabel...English, elegant, and broke. A titled aristocrat who burns red hot under her cool exterior. But what really turns her on? Frankie's sexuality...or his cold cash?

Martha...Sassy, young, and starry-eyed. Frankie's assistant helps his health club empire skyrocket to success. Outside the office, she is ready to offer something more intimate...

Each of these unforgettable women will teach Frankie Ferraro a lesson-about desire, fidelity, or betrayal. But only one can show him what his heart needs to find...the enduring power of love.


Praise for Wives of Frankie Ferraro

“Gripping and unexpectedly satisfying.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Will surely be a TV miniseries...Marchetta creates some memorable secondary characters.” —Library Journal

“Marchetta, co-writer of Ivana Trump's two novels, is far better on her own: Frankie and his strong-willed women defy stereotyping...genuinely heartfelt.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Camille Marchetta

Camille Marchetta, a former London literary agent, is a television writer and producer, as well as the author of the acclaimed novel Lovers and Friends, and co-author with Ivana Trump of two bestselling novels. Born in Brooklyn, she now lives in Bronxville, New York.

Camille Marchetta

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